Stay curious, stay hungry


There’s a lot of talk about when things aren’t going well, what to do next. How to move away from not feeling good enough, not having enough clients or making enough money.

Coming from that place, there’s a lot of motivation to move away from that pain. It’s the easiest point to build in leverage and decide you’re no longer willing to stay where you are.

I wanna address the flip side. What happens when things are going well for you. Maybe from the outside looking in, you’ve got all of the boxes checked. The business is growing, your relationship is full of life, the kids are happy…but you still have a longing for something more.

But your logical brain is saying,“I should be happy with what I have. What more could I possibly want.”

It can be harder to strike up motivation when everything else is going well. I’d argue that that’s when you get tested the most, when you’re at the crossroads of breaking through to a new level. Do you stay or do you go? It’s not easy drawing a line in the sand, choosing to permanently stay on the other side, never to fall back again.

I’ve been there before and I’ve seen many clients hitting new milestones in their business, then retracting back into the comforts of what they had before.

It takes courage to own a new level of success and decide you want to keep going and scaling up. Breaking into the unknown after just getting comfortable can have you shaking at the knees, bringing to surface all of the “junk in your trunk” of old limiting beliefs. It’s not easy to keep believing that you deserve to have it all. It’s not easy to give yourself permission to keep growing when you’re passing others by.

It takes leadership, courage and alignment with what you’re doing and who you are serving.

It’s easy to get complacent, comfortable and to stop growing. Remember to stay curious, stay hungry and keep believing that you are meant to have it all.

Keep surrounding yourself with people who lift you up.

I believe in you.

Let’s move mountains together.

Yours in success,


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