All things SELLING + How to Be Better At It!

If I asked you to fill in the blank, “Selling is _________.” 

What would you say? 

Would it be ‘intimidating’, ‘scary’, ‘awkward’, or perhaps ‘inauthentic’? Or would you lean towards a more positive word?

I’ve seen coaches time and again, create a meaning to the word “selling.” 

Some even displaying a visceral reaction whenever the word is mentioned. 

Many struggling coaches don’t realize that selling is not inherently “positive” nor “negative.” It simply comes from a combination of our interpretation of selling. Meaning how we felt being sold to before. And our own limiting fears, beliefs, and stories around money.

The thing is: How you see selling is going to be how you experience it. 

After all, selling is just a tool. It can be used in many different ways.

Think about an excavator. It can be used to dig a hole on the lot for your dream home, or it can be the tool that is used to demolish a forest.

The tool didn’t change. What changed is who is using the tool + how the tool is being used.

Plus, the fact that you don’t want to be sleazy already tells me you are using the tool for good!

If you let go of the idea that selling is “sleazy” or “inauthentic”, imagine how many more offers you would make?

Answer me this, if you had the cure to cancer, wouldn’t you be telling everyone?! 

Of course! 

That’s what good humans do. 

The more offers you make = the more money coming in. 

And more importantly, the more people you can help. 

So many struggling entrepreneurs equate the selling scaries to the actual act of making the dreaded offer and asking for money. But the reality is: selling happens all the way, from the moment you meet a potential client. 

Once you meet them, you are selling them on every next step you want them to take. 

When you add value to your potential client, you are filling up the reciprocity bank. It’s not about the tiny, little minutiae pieces like how pretty your website is, or the fonts you choose, or even the exact words you used to ask for the sale.

It’s about the relationship that is created. 

Just like if you made a marriage proposal. The “yes” or “no” response won’t be based on the frills and gimmicks of the way you asked, would it? 

It would be about the connection and relationship established before that moment.

Struggling coaches put so much unnecessary pressure on themselves that when it’s finally time to make the offer, it feels like there are flashing red lights screaming ALERT! ALERT! And you come to a screeching halt as your brain starts to run through all the what if scenarios.

“What if I don’t know the right words to say!” or
What if nobody buys this time?” or
What will they think of me?

However, the reality is the “ask” or the presentation of the offer is just the icing on top of the cake. When you focus all your energy into just the “ask”, it’s no wonder that it feels so sleazy!

All that pressure of only ONE make or break moment. Do or die.

But there is a better way.

And all it takes is 3 questions that will determine the success of your offer. 

… More on that soon. 😉

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