I had no idea this would happen…

I hung up the phone.

…and smiled.

I couldn’t believe what I just heard.

A few weeks ago, a new client that just joined one of my programs was having a hard time. Her confidence was shot. She was desperate to make money. But all she heard were crickets and “I can’t afford it!”

As her mentor, I saw what was going on.

She was creating exactly what she was expecting.


No sales.

No interest.

And no buyers.

And after going to see Tony Robbins at the Power of Success event in Vancouver, I was reminded about having CERTAINTY.

Certainty on where you’re headed.

Certainty on what you expect to happen.

Certainty in your decision.

And knowing that you will get to where you want to go and that you’ll be willing to do what it takes to get there.

Lack of certainty shows up as not taking action on what you know you need to do because you don’t expect it to work.

And if you don’t expect it to work and you don’t take action, it reinforces your belief or negative expectation of the outcome.

You end up going round and round in a never-ending cycle unless you break free and create a new story.

I shared a video on my business page with Tony Robbins, John Reese and Frank Kern that explained exactly how this works.

You can watch it here.

I thought it was the best way to explain the pattern that I saw in this client.

Back to my phone call today. I was speaking to a friend who runs two successful businesses online and the topic came up about this video.

She thanked me for sharing this video and went on to tell me that she had all of her clients in her multiple tiers of programs watch this video and the breakthroughs that followed.

And I had no idea.

I felt inspired to share this video beyond just the one client (who btw since then has had a huge breakthrough).

I had no idea of the ripple effect that it had.

That’s exactly what can happen when you create compelling content.

When you record videos.

And when you get on a livestream to share YOUR message.

It’s time to think bigger. Go bigger. And have a greater impact.




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