Feeling overwhelmed with learning?

The other day we talked about fear, doubts from that internal critic that keeps you from making the DECISION on what you really want. If you missed it, I suggest you go back and read it. 🙂

What I didn’t say, is that not fully committing to a decision also leads to the need to “learn more.”

That feeling that you’re missing one key ingredient.

Can you relate?

Heck I’ve been there in my business.

Learning and soaking up every single webinar, freebie and resource while dreaming up this spectacular, successful business in my head.

I got stuck consuming boatloads of information to learn the ins and outs of online marketing and making myself feel better that I was doing something.

The truth?

It was safe.

It was safer than FULLY committing to my decision to be an entrepreneur and taking relentless action towards no longer being in corporate.

Until I quit my job and cut off my PLAN B, I was safely sitting in indecision.

Yo yo’ing between

“I can do this.”


“I can always go back to my job.”

I see the same thing happen with the hundreds of women that I’ve coached.

Maybe it shows up like….

not being committed to a financial goal for the month and aimlessly taking action with nowhere to go, hoping that miraculously it’ll turn into something BIG.

second guessing an idea (whether it’s good enough) rather than just putting it out there and taking action

wanting to hire a coach and safely putting it on your vision board rather than stepping up and taking the plunge NOW

investing in programs but not completing them because of distraction and overwhelm or because life gets in the way and even sometimes because “you know it already”

The longer you sit in indecision, the harder it gets to move forward and

…the more your mind swirls around

…the more you beat yourself up for not being good enough or not doing enough

…the more you keep falling short on your goals.

I know.

I’ve been there.

Many times over again.

I still get stuck. Every month I hit some form of resistance. Heck sometimes it happens daily.

Instead of making myself wrong for it. I acknowledge it and ask “What do I need to make a decision on to get me moving forward?”

It’s scary.

My mind is pretty talented at coming up with a bunch of excuses of “why not’s” so that I can stay safe (and stagnant). Maybe yours too!

But the greatest wins are sitting on the other side of that decision.

It’s easy to look at someone else and think it looks all peachy perfect.

Guess what?

That thing that you beat yourself up over? That you think keeps you stuck?

Is the very thing that others look up to you for.

So ask around. Look around. Honor your journey.

Take a STAND and MAKE A DECISION for what you want today.

Remember a decision is where there is no Plan B. No other option.

The how isn’t nearly as important. That only comes together once you decide what you want.

It’s up to you.


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