How Facebook changed my life…


I’m sitting at the airport waiting to board my plane to Las Vegas where I’ll be co-hosting an intimate mastermind event with my one of my business besties.

As I was thinking about what to write about today, I wanted to tell how Facebook changed my life…and what old beliefs I had to let go in order to break free.

I was working with my first ever business coach when she asked if I was using Facebook intentionally for business.

I said “no. ” I explained how I got lots of friend requests from people I didn’t know and didn’t accept them. I was a private person and didn’t get the concept of sharing your life with the world that you see plastered over facebook. She suggested that I intentionally connect with people on Facebook who could be potential clients or collaborators.

So I went on a mission. I started having conversations and sent friend requests. I went from 300 friends to 600. I didn’t know what I was doing but I was excited to see some growth and momentum.

At this point I was part of only a couple of paid Facebook groups through programs or memberships.

I was scared to be visible.

I felt deflated and less than as I watched others who were seemingly way ahead of me.

I read what other people were posting and didn’t feel I could measure up. I wondered what could I possibly add to what was already being said.

I was sporadic with my posts and they took me forever to write.

But I kept going. I forced myself to do what felt uncomfortable. I continued connecting with people.

Before long one of my conversations turned into a paying client. Boom! There was something to this.

It happened again, another client and then another. I offered my freebie in conversations and I’d get 10-20 yeses in a row of new sign ups. This was amazing!

When I discovered free Facebook groups I had to strap myself in the for the momentum that would follow.

I know what it’s like in the beginning watching others seemingly take off while watching from the sidelines. When I realized the only difference between them and me was their willingness to show up consistently, I knew it was possible for me too. And it is for you too.

Remember this…

Life is not worth living if you stay at a stand still. Every day do something that scares you. Why? Because it means you’re growing. And growth is the key to fulfillment. We all want to see progress and progress comes from moving forward, taking action and being all you can be.

Focus on the people you are serving. Let your ego dissolve in favour of being of service to others. Have the courage to be the leader you know you’re meant to be.

Choose one thing that you’ll do today that will scare you. Go do it. Right now.



Are you ready to take a big leap forward in your business? I’m not talking incremental baby steps but a quantum leap? If that’s you, hit reply. I want to know who’s ready for massive growth, momentum and money in the bank.

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