How to get social proof when you don’t have a following… YET!

Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

“If I haven’t had paying clients yet, how am I going to show people that I can really help them?” OR

“I don’t have the volume of buyers coming in yet to demonstrate to new people how I can help them, so what do I do?” OR

“How can I get people to believe that my program has value and can help them?”

Stick along because this post is for you!

Before we begin, I want you to know that we live in a world where people make buying decisions from social proof.

Think about it: If you’re going on a trip, wouldn’t you check the reviews of the hotel before you book or local recommendations of places to visit?

On the flip side, if you see a bad review, doesn’t it make you question whether or not you should go forward with booking the trip?

Personally, I’m a sucker for Amazon reviews!

Before I buy anything on there, I scroll the reviews on the product before pulling the trigger and buying it.

Only 10 reviews with an average of 1 star rating? No way!

But 1,000 reviews with an average of a 5-star rating? Take my money now!

The purpose behind social proof is to transfer the belief towards the buying decision.

Many people don’t realize that creating social proof is not just one giant action step. You have to create an element of social proof for each step of the way to encourage people to take that next action step.

This e-mail will show you how you can lead and create a whole trail of social proof to encourage people to take an action step and invest in you. 

Still with me? Good.

Creating social proof begins with what you teach.

For example, one of the things that I teach is using Facebook Groups as a business tool to boost engagement and create more connection with your audience.

So I did a post inside one of my groups and asked the people in my community how Facebook groups have changed their businesses?

From there, some of them shared that their communities have created several hundred thousand dollars in sales for their business or that they’ve been able to develop a consistent sales cycle by building connections and relationships with their members.

Check it out:

If you screenshot the comments that people are sharing, you can use this to support your claim for what you teach.


… If you teach yoga, you could ask, “How has yoga benefited your life?”

… If you teach people how to declutter their lives, you could ask, “How has your life changed since you started organizing better?

These questions provide backup, support, and feedback for the thing you teach, and it helps you gain a better understanding from your people!

Next, generating social proof from your free content

Chances are if you run an online business, you’re speaking and teaching. Whether this is a video series challenge or live stream training.

The comments on your training can be used as your social proof. Especially if someone lets you know that they’ve implemented what you taught and gotten a result from it. 

Just this week, I had the Sold Out Coaching System workshop, and someone had a breakthrough in their business when they implemented what I taught. 

Check these out!

Later on, when I launch the same workshop, I could use these to demonstrate the results people can get through my free workshop!

Thirdly, generating social proof from your paid clients.

You could share all sorts of different social proof from clients that you’ve worked with by asking what are some of the wins that people have had since working with you.

These can come from testimonial postings in your group or getting your clients to record a short video with their amazing results. 

You could even create a mini-contest, where your clients can receive an attractive prize if they get the most likes on their testimonials. 

Lastly, you can generate social proof by seeding the action step of why people have chosen to buy from you.

If you are selling a course, mastermind,  RBTO, coaching or membership… Ask yourself this question: Have you ever asked your buyers why they said yes to you?

One of the biggest opportunities from creating social proof is to provide reasons why people are buying. When you share these reasons – chances are, there’s going to be someone that’s just like them. Or they’ve been through the same experience.

So what you could do is create an element of sharing social proof. 

You can ask it in an email or a Facebook group, and you can pull those screenshots together and share that as you go through it as a way of planting seeds for why people are joining your program.

Check this image out with some of the reasons people bought my Leading a KickAss Facebook Group Program:

Remember: your goal for social proof is to encourage your followers to also step into action. 

If you are using these and sharing these on your social media, you will start to create a buying frenzy of people all the way through.

And it doesn’t matter what stage you’re at if you’re brand new and don’t have any paying clients yet… Guess what? You can ask the other people that have gained from the thing you teach, whatever that may be!

This abundance of social proof will continue to grow as you go through it, so remember to keep it all organized in a folder so you can continue adding it into your social proof.

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