3 things you need to build a business in 2022

Nobody wants to be a failure.

Especially when failing is synonymous with disappointing yourself, your spouse, your family, your friends, and just about everyone you’ve ever known.

We don’t wake up one day saying, “today, I want to fail!” That’s BS.

We’d succeed in everything we do on the first try if we could choose.

The Global Entrepreneurship Model reported that 38% of adults aged 18-64 said that the fear of failure would prevent them from starting their own businesses.

That’s almost ½ of every adult saying no to their passion for being their own boss. 

Perhaps you are in the ⅗ who said, “Heck yeah, let’s do it,” and started your own business.

I’m sure you quickly realized upon starting that nobody told you how challenging the next step would be – running the actual business.

You may have achieved some success, but getting the motor to continue running takes a lot of effort. (Trust me, I KNOW!)

When I first began, going live on camera for 5 minutes would probably take me a whole day to muster up the courage to do it.

Or even launching a challenge… My first challenge took so much out of me that I wanted to run and hide under my blanket for the rest of the week.

To make sure you become the absolute business owner that you’ve always wanted to be in 2022, I wanted to pop in here to let you know the 3 essential things you need as a business owner… if you don’t want to let fear of failure ruin your sanity!

1. You need CERTAINTY.

Certainty in knowing your biz, knowing what you can do for your clients, and even in yourself. You need to get rid of the pesky voices who tell you, “I can’t,” “I’m not good enough,” and “I’ve always failed – why would anything be different now?”

Having certainty and confidence is critical in building your business in 2022. As cliché as it sounds if you don’t trust yourself – who’s going to trust you?

What you can do: Write the things you are grateful for and constantly remind yourself that you are not here by chance. You are here to show up, serve, and help your people in a greater way.


Don’t take accountability lightly! It is important to make sure you keep track of your goals and stay the course. Whether it helps to find a buddy reaching for similar dreams or rewarding yourself at the end of your objective – you need accountability!

What you can do: Sometimes external accountability is what you need before you develop your self accountability to always do what you promise yourself you’re going to do. So reach out to a friend, or even a mentor to keep you in track.

As for self accountability, I love to keep a super sticky note planning system! I’d paste my sticky notes everywhere to remind me of what I need to do and accomplish. The act of writing things down is so much more symbolic than leaving it in your notes app to collect dust!

(No points guessing that I’m a paper and pen type of gal! What about you?)

3. You need A SYSTEM.

Imagine having a framework that you can follow every time you need to work. Plug and play. No wasting hours sitting, wondering and planning what to do next.

Every successful coach I know has a system that they can faithfully use and follow. It is also the #1 reason I see new coaches burning out quickly. When you don’t have a system, you put the pressure all on yourself to restart things again and again.

Trust me when I say this; things go WAY faster when you have a predictable system that you can repeat.

What you can do: Create your predictable and repeatable sales system that authentically connects and converts your leads into buyers.

Not sure how to begin? That’s where I come in!

The past few days, I’ve been sharing with you about a training that is coming up…

And I’m finally ready to share with you about it.

Join me for the Sold Out Coaching System so you can discover how to fill your programs and scale your business with raving buyers.

If you want to make 2022 your best year yet in business, join me, and let’s build out your coaching system to be a sold out coach!

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