What’s the deets with social selling?

I couldn’t believe it.

All but one person in the room raised their hands in front of me.

I was hosting my in-person 72 Hour Launch Lab event for my high level clients in Vancouver and I was teaching a session on direct messaging (DMs).

I was explaining how to create genuine connections through outreach when I said “Raise your hands if we had a personal conversation in DMs prior to your high ticket investment with me.”

In front of my eyes, everyone but one (who was a guest of a client), raised their hands immediately.


Every single one of them had either paid at least $5,000 to be in the room LIVE with me.

I was surprised.

Up until that point, I never realized the level of results I was actually creating through DM’s. I knew I was enrolling clients from DM’s, but I did it more for fun and to be able to learn about who I was connecting with.

It’s when I realized what I was doing came so naturally to me, but not to others…

After all, it’s in my nature to acknowledge and uplift group members who stand out because I wanted to have genuine interactions with my people and be in a place of service.

But it was at that moment, I connected the dots and realized how necessary it was to create these conversations, and how I could help others leverage it to be a sales tool!

So when I first heard someone say they invented “social selling,” I was confused!

This was something I’d been doing since I started my business.

And now it’s all the rage!

So I’m sure you’ve been wondering… what is social selling?

Social selling allows you to leverage your social media platforms to find your ideal clients and build connections through DMs.

I mean, just look at these stats!

❇ Social sellers get 45% more sales opportunities (wow!)
❇ 51% more likely to hit sales quotas
❇ 78% of social sellers outsell others who don’t leverage social media

I don’t know about you, but these sound like great bonuses to me!

Here’s why social selling works:

❇ It takes out the cold pitching component to your conversations.
❇ Creates connections and organic conversations with your people
❇ You get to help your clients see how you can help them

So today, I thought I’d pop in a message to let you know how you can effectively use social selling to your advantage.

Here are 3 things not to do… and what you should do instead!

❇ DM-ing your person only for the purposes of a sale… instead, build relationships.

Build relationships without the expectation of a client. You never know where it could land.

I’ve seen relationships build to become more than just a potential client. They could end up being a collaborator, or an introduction with a person you’ve been hoping to connect with!

❇ Copy-pasting your messages… instead, personalize them.

Sure, copy-pasting saves time. But the message gets too generic. If you research your clients, or if your group member stands out, acknowledge them. Or let them know why you value them. It only takes 30 seconds to send a voice note!

If you want to be in a place of service, be genuine. The person receiving your DM is a human. Remember, if you speak to everyone, you speak to no one!

*Bonus reason, copy-pasting messages make it SO easy for you to use the wrong name when you send a message.

❇ Giving up after 0 replies… instead, send a follow up!

The reason you didn’t get a reply may not be because they are uninterested in having a conversation with you. They might have opened the notification and completely missed it! The money is in the follow-up.

I’ve seen a ton of clients who’ve said that persistence is what got them a reply. So don’t give up immediately! Try sending another message and get their attention again! Or tag them in your group letting them know to check their messages as it might have landed in their filtered messages.

*Bonus tip, send them a new ask. Don’t copy the exact same message like the one before. It shows them that you don’t have time, so why should they bother spending their time with you? Personalize it!

There you have it!

I’ve barely scratched the surface of the plethora of tips I could give you regarding social selling.

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