How to be smart when you think you SUCK

Have you ever thought to yourself something like this…

“I’m not good at this” …

“It’s all been done before. What can I possibly add.” …

“I don’t know enough to do this.” …

“It can work for others, but not for me!” …

I have. I bet you have too.

I call it the figure eight fear loop.

Because it goes round and round and round.

The incessant spinning of negativity that our brain fills our mind with to protect us from “failure, success, being disappointed, getting hurt…” this list goes on.

I used to torture myself with this figure eight fear loop.

“What if I fail.” …

“What will people think.” …

“What will people say.” …

Yada yada.

Heck, I still have to slam the front door on these thoughts when they show up.

Because they still do. But, I know better than to take them for truth.

These thoughts lead to comparisonitis.

Looking at others in awe while shrinking into a less than state of “not good enoughness.”

These thoughts lead to thinking that one failure or disappointment means your fate is locked in for a lifetime of them.

It’s easy to look at where others are NOW and compare your beginning to someone’s end. Someone who is much further along their entrepreneurial journey than you.

Take a moment to think instead of where they started. 

Or where they once were.

This image is of Marie Forleo’s website when she first got started.

Heck if she’s been able to build her empire while starting with this, so can you.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the limitations you set for yourself.

“I must have ___________ (insert big goal ) by _____ (insert date) otherwise it means _________ (fill in the blank big fear).

Check these out.

I must have 10 new 1:1 clients by the end of the month, otherwise it means I suck, nobody likes me and I can’t sell anything.


I must lose 10 pounds before I have my photoshoot otherwise people will think I’m fat and they won’t buy from me because I am not pretty or skinny enough. And if I don’t have my photoshoot and a pretty website I can’t sell anything.

Been at your business for a while? 

Don’t be fooled. This isn’t just relevant to those just getting started.

Let me tell you a story….

After I had my first ever multi 5-figure month (December 2015), I had 17 No’s in a row before I got my next yes.

Had I given up then and told myself I wasn’t good enough or just compared myself to others I would have thrown in the towel.

I wanted to drop my prices.

I was scared.

I told myself…

“Nobody will buy from me.”…

“I’m not good enough.”…

“I need to learn more.”…

“Everyone else is selling out their programs and there’s not enough clients to go around.” …

Do you hear all this BS?!

They were reactions. And the only way I was going to move through them was to stick the course despite my fears.

Mostly likely you know my story and are aware of what happened in a short time after that. I sold out programs, created multi-six figures in banked income, travelled the world and was blessed with the opportunity to work with the most incredible clients ever. Helping them turn their business dreams into a reality too.

But I wanted to share with you that I was once where you are too – and not that long ago!

We all start somewhere. But you have to start.

We all want to quit at times. But you have to keep going.

So what shifted for me? How did I move past that place of seeming failure?

It started with a decision. I decided I was going to write my own story. I wasn’t going to end it with failure and disappointment and 17 No’s. I was going to hold steadfast and create the business I dreamt of.

So I did.

From that moment on…

I put myself out there consistently.

I kept going.

I fell. And I got back up.

I got help with my mindset.

I got help with my strategy.

I got a plan and I stuck to it religiously.

I remained focused.

I invested in myself.

I made the decision that success was my only option. 

I wasn’t available for anything else.

That transformation. That shift. Is available for your too. And it can start now.

Make this year, the year that you went for it. Full steam ahead. Despite fear. Despite comparisonitis.

Make this the year you decided to keep going. 

To never give up.

To be persistent.

To step outside your comfort zone and do something that scares you. Every. Single. Day.

Switch up your approach.

Stand in your power.

Be confident.


Surround yourself with people who build you up and believe in you.

Take action in the face of fear and watch it dissolve.

Flip the figure eight fear loop of illusion into truth and opportunity.

Shed those negative beliefs that don’t serve you.

Dream big.

Take action.

Be open to opportunities and grab a hold of them. Don’t let them slip away and become a distant memory of “If only I had done _____ then I would be _____.”

Dream big. Be big. Act big.

You’ve got this!

Do not waste your energy listening to anyone or anything that tells your any differently.

Because if you can dream it, you can have it.

Make it yours.

I believe in you.

P.S. The dreamers, the action takers, the get it done’ers are the ones I am called to serve. Because you can do, be and have whatever you want when you DECIDE it’s yours. Is that you?

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