How to Think and Act Like a Wealthy Person

When I was 19, I was hired at a financial firm as an administrative assistant.

One of my main tasks was to prepare the client’s financial statements for the advisors to present to our clients.

The first time I printed those documents, I couldn’t help but take a teeny tiny sneak peek. (Tell me, who wouldn’t?!)

My jaw dropped.

My mind was blown by the number of zero’s on the statement.

I had never seen that amount of wealth before.

My brain couldn’t comprehend that this was real life!

People actually make that much money?!

Ever since then, I have been obsessed with learning how wealthy people think, operate, and make decisions.

I wanted to get in their heads and see what separates the wealthy from the broke.

After rubbing a couple of shoulders, and being part of more conversations, here’s the ONE big thing I found out:

Wealth doesn’t go to burnt out leaders.

It goes to the people who can handle it.

And I know some of you might be thinking, “Christina, I don’t mind the grind! In fact, I actually love working hard because I know it’ll pay off in the future.”

Trust me, I get it. I’m the same way.

But here’s what I wanna share with you:

Working hard doesn’t mean sacrificing your life.

It doesn’t mean sacrificing the things you love, the people you love, the values you have or even what you’re doing.


Mind blowing isn’t it?

Today, I thought I’d love to share with you some significant differences with how the 1% think:

1. Wealthy people are decisive.

And here’s the biggest thing: Indecision is a decision.

It’s a decision to stay stuck in your current circumstances instead of choosing the potential future you desire.

2. Wealthy people have a plan.

Broke people tend to be reactionary. Money comes in, and money goes out.

It disappears quickly.

But wealthy people plan for tomorrow. They look at investing their money to create a new future. With different possibilities.

3. To the wealthy, money is just money.

Broke people tend to be emotional around money. More often than not, it’s a judgmental feeling.

They have multiple interpretations of what money (or lack thereof) means to them.

This thought was the biggest a-ha for me because when you see money just as it is, you take away its power to control you.

And it is so much more of a freeing thought when you shift your feelings around money.

So you might be wondering, “Christina, how can I start thinking and acting like a wealthy person?”

  1. Make quick decisions: Middle-class people tend to overthink and delay decisions, while wealthy people make decisions quickly and confidently.
  2. Have a wealth plan: Broke people are always reacting to financial situations, while wealthy people have a plan in place and are constantly working towards their financial goals.
  3. Detach your emotions from money: Broke people are often emotional around money, while wealthy people see it as a tool to achieve their goals.

Remember: wealth goes to the people who can handle it.

When you combine these 3 thoughts, you begin to attract more money into your life.

Stay committed this week, and hold yourself to your highest.

I can’t wait to see the power that you create 🙂

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