Why do some people have massive breakthroughs…

While others go day-by-day on autopilot repeating their life’s patterns….

Get up. Work. Sleep. Repeat.

Why are some just waiting?

While others are building massive momentum?

I did some research and found the breakthrough trends and momentum always began with a lightbulb moment. ?⚡️?


You know that moment when a switch flips and you finally get it. ???

You see things from a new perspective and you have a BIG ah ha!
Clarity flushes in and BOOM you’re on the fast track to a new reality.

How do you get your clients or potential clients there?

(Because you know once YOU get them there, they will become your raving fans.)

By sharing your message over and over AGAIN in different and unique ways so they can look at themselves from a new perspective, by seeing what is going on through other people’s stories and examples.

Let me ask you this… ❓ ❓ ❓

How many times have you heard the same message before it finally sunk in?

Was it one person that said it in just the way you needed to hear before you finally got it?

Maybe you weren’t ready to hear the true message until _____ happened.


⚡️?⚡️Because not everyone can communicate their message in a way that will land with everyone.

But your message will land on those perfect-for-you clients.

Who just needed to hear it in the way you delivered it.

Who were open to receive that message in the moment you put it out.

Who woke up when you struck a chord. Sometimes even triggered them to see things from a new perspective.

When enough was enough.

Their struggle stopped just for a moment for them to see a new possibility.

And that my friend, is when you get a RAVING FAN.

But guess what?

If you share your message once per week and assume everyone got it, how many people are you letting down who never saw it?
Who weren’t ready to hear it yet?

Who were still searching and waiting?

Who weren’t awake yet?


Show up for them.

WHAT IF… you just set the intention to touch one person’s life in a meaningful way. Just one.

How would that relieve all the pressure to have mass loads of engagement and popularity.

How much more favourable would it be to your bottom line to deeply impact one person per day?

That’s 365 lives per year.

And if you impacted 365 people per year in a meaningful way, how many of those people would share your message?

Become clients?

Refer you clients?

Quite a few.

So get out there today and touch one person’s life.

Tomorrow REPEAT.

And watch the magic unfold.

Your impact and reach expand.

And your raving fan base grow into a wildly successful business if you collect those people in your own community, like a Facebook Group.

Then you can continue to nurture, share your message and sell out your programs because you’ve created a raving fan base – your own Facebook group.

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