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I don’t know about you but I’ve had a whirlwind of a week! I can’t believe it’s Saturday! I’ve been madly preparing for my upcoming Retreat Mastermind and I can’t wait to share all the goodies with a few determined women!

We had some great conversations on this week’s Sassy Successful Entrepreneurs, so I thought I would share a few with you for some short, motivational weekend reading… ENJOY!


Ok that song’s going to be ringing in your head for hours now! Sorry 😉

So you want to find your people. You’re not sure where to find them in FB groups. Here’s a quick and dirty trick to find them.

In the FB search bar type in the interest of your ideal clients.

For example: “People who like coaching” then click on the “groups” tab.

You’ll see a list of ALL the groups that people belong to that like coaching.

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You’ve heard it before. Facebook groups, Facebook ads, periscope, instagram, freebies, opt ins, building a list, discovery calls….but how does it all fit together?

Here’s the foundational pieces to getting your first paying clients, so you can build a business you LOVE.


Be honest with who you are. Just like dating if you want to attract the right partner (the right clients) you need to be honest with who you are.

Dissolve the need to be like others. Forget about fitting it, it’s about standing out. Don’t worry about being liked. Because guess what? You will be loved and adored by some and who cares about the rest. Wouldn’t you rather be loved by some than “liked and ignored” by most?

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Even if you are just starting out you can start to showcase your expertise.

Maybe you’ve thought, “How do I get started?” or “How do I get seen as an expert when I am brand new?” or “How do I get experience in a new field?”

Here’s 5 easy ways to build and showcase your expertise and GET CLIENTS SWOOPING to want to work with you

HELP PEOPLE: Hold nothing back. Help people out. Share your latest finds. Answer questions. Give tips and advice freely. Don’t worry about giving away too much. Just make sure to make it bite size. One piece at a time. Do this in Facebook groups, other social media outlets and forums.

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I hope you enjoy these tips and be sure to visit us on Facebook to for more!

P.S. Things are already in the works for a May event. Some spots have already been filled with no official notice yet released. Contact us if you want to get on the VIP list to get early bird pricing details.


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