What do you do when things are going Sideways or Backwards?

It’s easy to be happy when things are going as planned, but what to do you when things are going sideways or backwards? It’s easy to be happy when things are going as planned, but what to do you when things are going sideways or backwards?

I was on a call with my Sassy Mentorship Clients this week and one of my clients was sharing her recent breakthrough of going from a trail of “no’s” and wondering when it will be her time to making over $32k in cash in less than a month! She made more in a month than her previous annual teaching salary.

On the call, I asked her to share about the breakdown and what led to the breakthrough because that is where the lessons are!

It’s easy to see people speaking about their wins and compare to that. To see others seemingly super pumped up about their wins, but what we don’t see enough is the other side.

The struggles.

The fears.

The disappointments.

God knows I’ve had my fair share of them.

I used to think if I shared my blunders that others would judge me for it. Think less of me or not want to do business with me.

On my client call, I shared about my recent 6 figure launch. I told my clients that one of my masterclasses completely bombed. We had tech issues and zero sales live.

Old me would have told myself stories “Nobody wants it” and I would have made up a meaning that I wasn’t good enough or that I wasn’t ready or worthy of the success that I wanted, but not today.

Today, I get a quick hit of a disappointment because I am human but immediately get into curiosity.

What happened?

What didn’t land?

What could I do better?

What are my options?

And from that place, I open up to the possibility of what I can create.

That is where your leadership comes in.

It’s easy to be happy when things are going great, but when they aren’t going as planned, how you react in those moments is what will predict your level of success and expansion.

That’s why I teach my clients that properly laying the breadcrumbs in your business to bring people from interested to a buyer is a series of steps. One thing can’t screw it up, if you keep going.

We made well over 6 figures in the very same launch because I got curious and stayed fully committed.

Where are you not 100% committed in your life or business right now?

Where are you talking yourself out of what you really want?

Where are you settling for less than you know you deserve?

Where are you ticking off the boxes and going through the motions but not really expecting things to change?

It’s time to get curious.

It’s time to step up and stay 100% committed.

And if you’re not sure how, contact me and let me help you.

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