Which one would you choose?

Sitting on the deck in the morning with a cup of coffee looking out at the quiet pool and the mountains in the distance.

Silence before everybody wakes up. Pure bliss!

A chance to journal and reflect…

It got me thinking about yesterday. We took the kids to the waterslides and my youngest only wanted to try one slide. He knew he liked it and he was too scared to try the others.

So he went down the same slide. Over and over again.

While his sister tried out the other slides and was bouncing with excitement at how fast she went after the jump on her new favourite slide, the Rapids.

Finally my little guy tried out the other ones and decided the Rapids slide was by far the best. You couldn’t take the massive grin off his face.

Have you found yourself falling into the same routine? Doing things a certain way and continuing to get the same results…over and over again?

Maybe you’ve watched on as others have gone faster while making it look so easy and wondered what they had that you didn’t.

It’s easy to get complacent. Comfortable. Not wanting to rock the boat with new ways or switching things up to improve, perfect and outperform your last attempt.

This past week my team and I have been working on our launch debrief. What worked. What didn’t. What we could improve on. And what we did differently this time compared to our  previous LIVE launches.

Last year, I was frustrated with launches. In all honesty, I had fallen short of some of my BIG launch goals and it left me feeling defeated, exhausted and frustrated.

So I adapted my business model.

But during this launch debrief process, I realized how many “new things” we tried this launch and it’s no wonder why our results had improved so much.

This time was the first time that I let myself off the hook from the pressure of a launch. I let go of the “what if’s” and instead I set the 3 goals: good, better and best. I had multiple check points along the way to make sure we were on track to meet our goals.

We had some hiccups. We adjusted. We adapted. And we enjoyed the process.

And we hit our target goal. Woo hoo!

And I know, had I run this launch the exact way I ran it one year ago, we wouldn’t have hit our goal.

So take a moment and look at where you’ve gotten comfortable. Where you haven’t let yourself experience the faster ride.

Maybe it’s fear

…or comfort

…or you just don’t know what to do to take it to the next level.

Either way, get honest with yourself.

What can you do that will stretch you? Scare you? That has the potential to get you there FASTER?

Make a move today to change your trajectory.

Because your comfort zone is your income zone.

So time to switch it up.

You’ve got this!


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