[PART 2] How to get paid what you’re worth

Yesterday we talked about the importance of community. Today I want to share more about how it can change things for you too…

Ok, back to the story. So at that point, I started my Facebook Group.

I purposely connected to my audience with a keen interest to learn about how they were getting stuck.

I came from a place of service.

I helped them see what they needed to move forward and made offers to align with what they told me they wanted.

Boom! A few sales started coming in.

That’s when…

I gained confidence in what I was offering.

Got recognized as a leading expert even though I was still pretty new.

People were reaching out to me to collaborate and I had the opportunity to be on the same speaking platforms as Joe Vitale, Christy Whitman, John Assaraf, Sharon Lechter, Serena Dyer and many more.

I got the courage to lead.

I let go of the beliefs that…

I was not good enough…

Not ready enough yet…

And the thought “I already know that.”

After taking so many courses, I thought I started to figure it all out, but it wasn’t until I got honest about my low sales, that I realized I did not know it. And my sales reflected that.

It hit me that the belief “I already know that” and trying to reverse engineer the success of others was a sure-fire way to not get you to where you want to go.

I had spent so much time focused on logic, steps and how to’s that I missed the opportunity to connect with my audience on an emotional level. And that was what I needed if I was going to go big and skyrocket my sales.

I’d heard that people bought on emotion, but I was missing the mark and the mental triggers that make for an irresistible sold out offer.

And the best part was that my Facebook Group was the best place to hit on all of those triggers.

Check them out here…

The emotional based buying triggers I found to convert were:

  1. Raving Fan Base.This starts with a community and a place where people come to together for a joint mission, belief or outcome. It’s where you as the leader step into starting a movement. You take a stand for what you believe in and invite your people to join forces with you. It’s a space for people to comment, feel safe, ask questions and feel like they belong.
  2. Engagement and Social Proof. People don’t want to be left behind. Seeing social proof can instill the belief in others that they can do it too and that they are not alone. People inherently want to fit in and be like everyone else. When things go viral, by the end it’s people just sharing because everyone else is and they assume it must be share worthy!
  3. Orchestrated Path. People want to be led. You must lead the way and own that space as the expert, leader, and authority in your field if you want them to see you that way. Take your people from where they are to where they want to go, one step at a time. Don’t try to do it all at once…make footprints in the sand that lead them to your paid offer by creating anticipation and desire. Think about what led you to this email? Likely you read part one yesterday, right?
  4. You want to lead but you also need to be relatable. You have to demonstrate how you understand where they are. That you’re not perfect. That you didn’t always have it all figured out. Like Marie Forleo says, “Everything is figureouttable.”
  5. Why now? People are inherently lazy. They will wait until the last minute to act. They will drum up excuses of what they need to do first. You have to demonstrate why they need to act now and motivate them to move forward. You can do this by having an open and close date on your offer, time-weighted incentives or bonuses and limited spots.

This is just a taste of what I cover in my Leading a Kick Ass Facebook Group 2.0 Program.

Get on the VIP list (if you’re not already) and be first in the know when it reopens here === >  Get on Kick Ass FB Group VIP list HERE

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