The Missing Ingredient you need for a Successful Online Business

Your zone of genius, the “one thing” that you are meant to teach in the world, isn’t what you think it is.

The thing that you naturally do without thinking, that comes easily to you IS what others want to learn from you.

Check this out….

When my business was limping along at a snail’s pace in the very beginning I had moments where I questioned what I was doing. Heck, who am I kidding?! I still have fleeting moments of that every now and then. Don’t kid yourself, that will always be part of the deal with being an entrepreneur.

Back to my story….

At the time, I had started a Meetup group….the first one had only one single person show up… to my house… in my living room. Yep, that’s where I started.

Then I went to networking events and gathered a few business cards here and there.

And during this time I did enroll clients…one…at…a…time.

I dabbled with online strategies and started building an email list, but it felt really cold and one-sided.

Email sent.


Check stats.



Check again.

Thoughts: Did they like it? Did it resonate? Maybe I shouldn’t have said that!

I knew in my heart there was a better way and I couldn’t help feeling like I was missing something BIG.

Maybe you’re there right now, searching.

I looked outside of myself.

I searched for the missing ingredient.

I devoured courses, trainings, and free content like it was going out of style. Yet I still felt something didn’t feel right.

I remember the moment where I sat at my kitchen table looking at my goal numbers in one hand and my actual sales numbers on my computer screen.


Numbers don’t lie and I burst into a puddle of snot bubble tears. Head in hands, I cried.

It was a turning point for me. It was in that moment I decided to go all in with my business and figure this out. It’s when I reminded myself of the promise I made to my daughter that I would unapologetically follow my dreams, no matter what, so I could lead by example for her to go after hers!

Ok, now that I was 200% re-committed, it was time to figure this out once and for all.

I looked back at all of my experience in my corporate career in business and finance. What was I pretending not to know now? What was I forgetting about business?

It hit me.


I recall one of my mentors saying to me years ago over a glass of wine, “Christina, it’s simple. Business is just about building relationships. That’s it.”

That’s what I was missing on a grander scale.

So how could I create that online?

Through community.

Through a Facebook group.

And that’s what I did.

My first month – $30k in the bank. Cash received. Whoah!

Less than a year later I crossed 6 figures….

And since then I’ve had multiple 6 figure months and even a 6 figure week!

Once people started asking me HOW I was creating that level of success with my Facebook group and business, I realized I was on to something.

Sure I was still making money until that point, so I don’t want you to think you can’t be monetizing in your biz as you find your “one thing” but it wasn’t until I locked onto what came easily to me that I popped.

What I took for granted was that everyone else knew how to create connection, community, and relationships… but they didn’t.

I took for granted that I had spent almost 15 years working in Finance, managing people’s wealth, yes, but beyond that, I was building and managing relationships. I was creating CONNECTION.

I went back to the steps I took and put them into a framework and a sequence that was repeatable.

As I shared these steps with my clients and students and demonstrated how to build meaningful relationships and communities, they saw results too.

…floods of new Facebook group members
…getting seen as the expert
…first sales ever!
…first paying coaching clients
… 5 figure months
…6 figure launches

My zone of genius is in CONNECTION

…through the lens of business and Facebook groups.

You can’t sell connection, but I can use Connection as the vehicle to grow a community, business and client base you love!

What does connection give you?

More leads AND sales.

What are the only two things you need to have a successful business?

An audience to sell to and… (leads)

An offer that sells (sales)

When I was asked by a student on a training call yesterday, “As a business coach, how do I make my framework stand out or be different from everyone else teaching business online?”

I shared with her that people buy a result from you over other offering the same result because of their connection to you.

Your framework is there to put their mind at ease that you have a repeatable system, a recipe for the result or transformation they crave.

And your “one thing,” the thing you are meant to teach in this world is the very thing that has always come easily to you.
And to make a profitable business around your one thing, it needs to tie into a result your ideal clients crave and want NOW!

If you are already working with paying clients and you haven’t found your “one thing” let’s talk. Apply to book a strategy session with my team here and let’s get you clear on your “one thing.”


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