I’ve got you covered, here’s how…

I was on a call with a client this past week who’s done a fab job at getting clients with no list but wants to automate and scale, and she’s knows list building is part of that.

But she’s resisting pigeon holing herself on a specific niche in case she changes her mind.

TRUTH – she probably will and that’s ok. She’s just got to get started.

And she’s hesitant to believe that she’ll have enough to write about in order to email her list on an ongoing basis.

TRUTH – there is always a story to share, an insight to explore, a tip to divulge and in a few months time she can always repurpose old content.

For fun, I pulled up my old Aweber account, the email software I used when I first got started, and I pulled up a random email from the end of 2015.

I wanted to demonstrate that my voice is different now than it was back then… and how that’s ok.

I read her the email and thought it was worth sharing with you again…

THE LESSON: When you create value and assets in your business, you can reuse them over and over again.

Here’s the email….

Curious, do you think it sounds different from how I write today?


Do you like having a plan? 

Do you like to know exactly how to get from where you are to where you want to go?

I’m a gal who loves a plan. Every since I can remember, I plotted out my way to reach my next goal. My brain is wired to find the quickest, most effective way to get there. 

This makes me very good at what I do. 

But it’s also my weakness. 

At times, I can get too focused on the “how.” And it can be a success blocker.

This past month I decided to release my control of the how. Focusing 100% on letting go. 

I made my theme for the month – GIVING. 

I’ve given bigger tips than usual. I’ve given donations each time I’ve been asked (which is often)! I’ve given away incredible once in a lifetime bonuses. I’ve given away rock solid actionable content. I’ve done free coaching sessions and Nail Your “What I Do” Statement Assessments. 

In doing this, I’ve opened myself up to receiving new opportunities. I’ve made big decisions and investments based on where I see my business headed.

And you know what? I have to tell you. It’s been INCREDIBLE.

I’ve seen my work create massive BREAKTHROUGHS in others. Financially, personally and emotionally. I’ve had a SURGE of NEW BUSINESS come in. I’ve attracted the most amazing clients that are bound to be my next SUCCESS stories.

I’m on track for a RECORD BREAKING month, and it’s not even half way through the month.

I’ve let go of my consulting arm and in turn have seen massive growth in my coaching business. I’m on track to cash in a 50% PROFIT on a short-term real estate investment and my investment portfolio is dancing to new highs.



How do I know? 

Because I’ve been here before. Many times. I know what it takes to get here. It’s a combination of mindset, know-how, inspiration and action.

So my lesson for you this week is going to help you finish 2015 with a bang.

Here’s how:

  1. Set your intention. Decide what you want. Be specific with your goal. Break it down to a 30 day milestone or check in. Have a reason or purpose behind your desired income.
  2. Set Reminders. Stickies. Pop up reminders. Change all of your passwords to your goal number. Get creative.
  3. Release Control. Let go of your emotional attachment to the outcome. This is key. (google tips on this if you need help)
  4. Take 100% Accountability. No blame. No excuses. No judgement. Just observation of your thoughts without attaching a meaning.
  5. List and schedule every way you know how to achieve your goal. 
  6. Take Action as scheduled. Be consistent irregardless of whether you think it’s working.
  7. Trust, Listen, Act. Just before bed and right when you wake up, take a few minutes to be silent. Be open to new inspiration and ideas.  Act on them immediately.
  8. Live as if. Make decisions as though you already reached your goal. Give a little more. Tip a little more. Don’t hold back on the value you give.
  9. Stay Positive. Don’t allow any thoughts of lack or negativity. Counter them with a positive.
  10. Enjoy the rewards in your bank account.

I’d love to hear how it goes! If you want help with actionable strategy, reply to this email and tell me where you’re stuck.

Have a wonderful weekend. 

Yours in Success,​


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