This is what I’m really like behind the cameras…

Some background context before we get into the crux of this e-mail… When faced with tough decisions, I like to tap into my inner wisdom and trust my gut.

And I’m sure we can all agree that everybody has a different way they connect with their intuition.

Some might come from a twinge in their belly, some visually see a sign, while others hear an inner voice that speaks to them and some just have a knowing.

For me, whenever I can’t make my mind up, I use two things.

1) Prayer

2) Tune into my spirit and intuition to see what feels heavier or lighter.

I’m going to share more about the latter.

I can’t quite put it into words – but let me know if you understand this feeling… When you just have a “knowing” that things feel right from deep within your soul…

Funnily enough, when I feel blocked from making a decision, I might even do something physical to help with my decision-making process.

I consciously never want to stay in indecision as it is the fuel for inner turmoil, suffering and thrusts the brakes on any forward momentum you are making…but that’s another story!

Ok back to my story….one of my decision-making tools…you might find it pretty weird coming from someone who is naturally a logical and strategic thinker, but here goes.

One of the more creative ways that have helped me make a decision:

Picture this: If I am presented with two choices and can’t decide on what I should pick, I will write each option down on two separate pieces of paper.

I would lay them both on the ground, a foot or so apart from each other… I will take a deep breath in, close my eyes… and center myself.

I will step in front of the first paper… I’ll notice and feel my body, energy, and vibes… Step back… Take a deep breath… and step in front of the next paper, feel my body, energy, and vibes.

Based on whichever decision makes me feel lighter, I know that would be my best option.

Our subconscious mind takes in everything around us and has a much greater capacity than our conscious mind.

In our conscious world, we are filled with constant input of worries, stress, and demands of a fast-paced reality.

Our subconscious mind protects us from overload and filters the input we take into our conscious mind.

Meaning: beneath the surface, our brains are working diligently, sorting, filtering, and deciding what is necessary for our conscious mind to take in to survive.

When we tune into our intuition… we tap into the wealth of knowledge, resources, and input from our subconscious mind that allow us to go where we genuinely feel aligned and surrender to be guided into a better decision.

Here are some different ways you can tap into your intuition:

1. Audio (Clairaudience)

Perhaps you’ve heard an inner voice telling you where you should be…

2. Visual (Clairvoyance)

Has an image ever popped up in your mind before? The image may be telling you something…

3. Feeling (Clairsentience)

You are probably an empath, and you can sense emotions surrounding a decision…

4. Knowing (Claircognizant)

There is an inner knowing, and you are grounded by the decisions that feel right…

What are some ways your intuition has spoken to you?

Today, I challenge you to take a break from the busy world, close your eyes, and see what pops up for you.

As a vision-driven, action-taking entrepreneur, sometimes s-l-o-w-i-n-g down and being in stillness can feel like the hardest thing on earth to do. Trust me! I get it.

But you never know… The question that has been troubling you all week might just be in front of you all along and you just didn’t know it

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