Feeling Overwhelmed? Hard to Focus?

We took the kids to the mall yesterday to see the Paw Patrol characters Chase and Marshall at the Mall. If you don’t have young kids, you may not know that the Paw Patrol is all the rage with young kiddos these days.

We get to the mall at the beginning of the time slot only to find that they already closed down the line from an overwhelming response of interest. With hundreds of people standing there, waiting in line for their 30-second Kodak moment with the characters.

So we pushed through the crowd to get a close up view in lieu of our photo op. The kids were just as happy and bouncing with excitement and cheer.

It got me thinking about the brilliant PR this was bringing for this new mall. This event alone would probably bring in thousands of families over two days.

But when we started walking around the mall to “check it out,” I felt overwhelmed. Swarms of people. Chock-a-block corridors of stores. Many of them I was pleased to see outside of the big city. I had the intention of finding a Mac makeup store, but I gave up.

Maybe you’ve been there…

Having an overwhelming amount of information and ideas at your fingertips, but then don’t move forward with any of it because it’s too much.

With too much on your plate, you don’t know what to focus on. Ideas spinning around. A laundry list of to do’s. And it all comes to a screeching halt because you get distracted.

What if you could do a big brain dump of everything swirling around in your head?

Then come up with one specific goal you want achieve this month.

And then, with everything on your to do list and every idea that pops to mind, you can ask yourself will this move you closer to your one goal?

Yes? Then it gets schedule.

No? Then it gets postponed until after you achieve your one goal.

Not sure what to do and when? How to prioritize? What will actually lead you to the goal you’ve set out for yourself?

Then you’ll want to join me for a free training where I will simplify your client attraction and acquisition system.

Just think — no more distractions.

Every action leading you closer to your goal.

And a clear understanding of how all the pieces fit together.

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