The one missing ingredient (this will surprise you!)

Ever thought to yourself, that there was one thing that you were missing that would give you the results you wanted?

Like there was this secret memo being passed around to all the successful ones and it was being kept from you.

So you search.

Looking for that one thing.

Consuming boatloads of information and how to’s.

Searching for the one thing that will change your results.

You put all this pressure on yourself to find it.

You invest money. Time and energy. And you keep looking.

Living with this belief that there is a “Happily Ever After.”

Once you find this thing, everything will be hunky dory.

Life will be great. Money will fly in. You can sit back and never experience fear, doubt, failure or pain ever again.

But in the meantime, it feels like a struggle. Every solution you seek out lets you down. You expected better.

Sure you’ve had some wins, yes? But you’ve had some utter let downs too, haven’t you?

That’s normal. FOR EVERYONE.

The belief of the one magic missing ingredient is a myth.

It keeps you on the perpetual hamster wheel of seeking this magic solution, consuming boatloads of how to’s.

Jumping from idea to idea, never fully implementing and perfecting anything. Which btw is the very thing that keeps you from exploding your results.

That search for the one and only program that will change your life.

I hate to break it to you, but it’s all BS.

Oh s**t, the marketers out there will burn me at the stake for saying that to you, but I don’t care!

Sure there are some pretty powerful and impressive programs and mentors out there. (*clear throat…ahem…yours truly…shameful plug, I know, I couldn’t help myself!)

But what will actually make or break your success is YOU.

GREAT PROGRAM + YOU: OPTION A: (searching for magic bullet solution) = LOWSY RESULTS

GREAT PROGRAM + YOU: OPTION B: (fully accountable, takes action and implements quickly) = KICK ASS RESULTS

You have the power to create the solution (sure with help, guidance and support).

But the ultimate solution isn’t outside of you. It is YOU.

Your ability to….

…make quick decisions

…believe in yourself

… know you will figure it out

…stay the course

… get curious, adapt and go at it again

… take a stand for what you believe in

… ask for help

… implement immediately

… take consistent action despite short-term results (some of my biggest failures have turned into my biggest successes just from minor tweaks, perseverance and consistent action)

…AND fully own that it is up to YOU to change your external results.

Being THAT woman, is what will have you find the right mentorship, guidance and support to dial in your superstar status so you can create a massive impact in the world, doing what you love, making the kind of money that turns heads and the ability to change lives.

Fully owning that it is up to you.

Both your decisions and your actions. Which of course lead to your results.

And the best way to set yourself up for success. To fully own your successful woman mindset is to be…

…surrounded by others who lift you up.

…be led by a mentor who stretches you to think on your own, while still paving the way to shorten your path.

… having long-term support to carry you through the wins, the falls and making sure you keep getting back up stronger than before.

… daily short-term support to keep you focused and on track

Because it is a journey. There is no end. You grow and you expand. You become more of who you are meant to be.



And each new milestone opens a new set of possibilities.

Just imagine how unstoppable you will be?!

Here’s the power of long-term support:

I’ve spent the last year plus working with one mindset mentor (alongside my business mentors) who has been incredibly influential in my life. She has helped me jump leaps and bounds not only with my income (from embarrassing lows to consistent multi-5-figure months) but also in developing my mindset and me as my authentic self.

And one of my long term clients who I’ve been working with since she started her business at ground zero, just celebrated passing her first $100k in her business. I supported her to get her first paying client, get fully booked, sell out two group programs, reset when things didn’t work and go back at it stronger than before, map out her daily activities, define a year long plan all the while working no more hours than a full time job so she can maintain a healthy balance and live life on her terms as a mom, wife and woman.

Short-term wins and quick momentum is my game.

But sustainability, navigating the ups and the downs, while building a strong business foundation are all pieces that take time to build out and contribute significantly to your long-term growth.

And that’s why I’m releasing a brand new way to work with me in my year long Sassy Marketing Mastery program.

So, if you’re looking to hit 6 figures and multiple 6 figures over the next year and you want some REAL help then listen up.

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Because if that is you, with my help, you’ll be unstoppable.

And if it’s not you, that’s ok. No harm, no foul. But don’t get on the list.


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