How to Never Run Out of Content Ideas

“I don’t know what to say!”

Sound familiar?

I remember watching one of Marie Forleo’s videos when I first got started online. She suggested paying attention to every day events and activities in your life to see how you could turn them into lessons for your audience.

I liked that idea.

Everywhere I went I paid attention to what was happening.

Looking for mini stories I could weave into my content.

I’d have my phone handy, whip out my notes app and add to it every time inspiration hit.

Trouble was if I didn’t run with it and write on that topic right away, I lost inspiration and the connection from my every day event to the lesson faded.

I get to laugh about this now, but it used to take me hours to write a single newsletter.

I would write it.

Erase most of it.

Re-write it.

Edit it.

Leave it overnight.

Read it again.

Overhaul it again.

Final edits.

Until I was ready to hit send.

If that’s you…trust me it gets WAY easier!

It took me forever to write a newsletter or email and because I only emailed my list twice a month, it’s no wonder I lost interest in those stale stories.

I learnt a few lessons:

  1. When inspiration hits, jot down your note, but go and fill in the blanks while you’re still excited about it.
  1. Be consistent with your commitment and frequency to mailing your list. Far too many people treat their list like a bootie call…only when they want something. Not good for a long term relationship. Am I right?!
  1. Create valuable content that actually solves a problem for your ideal client.

You might be thinking,

“That’s great. Ok, solve a problem. But what if I run out things to say?”

I can promise you that most “experts” have had this belief. That they will run out of things to talk about. Or doubt why anybody will ever buy from them if they give everything away for free.

First, let’s just zero in on one fact.

You are selling a transformation.

You are not selling information.

You are not selling content.

You are selling a new way of being.

Multiple splashes of information, mini how to’s, reframing your ideal clients thinking…those are all mini-wins they can experience.

But I don’t need to tell you that real change happens only when they can see the full road map rather than trying to piece it all together.

More information just leads to overwhelm and more things to do.

Real change doesn’t come from knowing, but rather from implementing and having the right tools, accountability and support to go from start to finish.

All that to say, give freely.

But have a path to lead your audience somewhere.

Take them from lookey loo, to curious. From curious to hungry. From hungry to buyer.

If you missed my 3 part series, Is Your Content Creating Buyers, you can go here to catch part 1.

Today I want to help you generate a never ending supply of content ideas that your audience is hungry for so they perk up and pay close attention to you AND your message.

Here’s 10 places you’ll find hot topic ideas:

  1. Challenges brought up from potential clients on your calls
  2. Conversations in online forums or Facebook groups
  3. A snippet of a lesson you taught your students, in a speaking engagement, or on a podcast interview
  4. Chapter titles for books in your niche
  5. Highly engaged topics on competitors blogs, vlogs or pages
  6. Challenges brought up from potential clients on your calls
  7. Every day events that can turn into a lesson
  8. Takeaways from an event or conference
  9. If you are marketing to a niche that is a younger version of yourself, take a look at your old notes and journals and what you originally opted in for when you were in their position.
  10. Ask. Yep. That’s right. Just simply ask your audience, “If you could get one question answered right now as it relates to <insert topic> what would you ask?”

There you have it!

Now, you’ve got a way to get loads of content ideas.

And you have a commitment to the frequency of your emails.

P.S. If you missed my 3 part series, Is Your Content Creating Buyers, you can go here to catch part 1.

P.P.S. Build your email list the right way. Check out this blog on How List Building Could Be Costing You.

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