The Key to Leadership and Uplevelling yourself

I posted a Tony Robbins quote yesterday on my VIP Cashflow Student Facebook Group:

Good times create weak people.
Weak people create hard times.
Hard times create strong people.
Strong people create good times.

Historically, this cycle happens over and again for mankind. If you pick up any history book, you’ll know that to be true too!

I have cycled through these stages over and over again as I have grown my business.

It all boils down to leadership.

When things are going great, it’s easy to get complacent. Which leads you to falling off the tracks, stop doing the things that keep you in the game, getting the results and being the best leader you can be. 

Like exercising, reading, connecting with friends, family and colleagues, having fun, meditation, prayer, etc.

You get complacent when you take things for granted when they are running smoothly. You’re riding a wave of success. You’re in flow. Things are finally feeling easy. When you’re in this place it’s easy to keep the ball rolling and think you “don’t need” to do the very things that set up your days for success.

Instead you go through the motions, on a high, doing the same things, expecting the same results and not being present enough to notice patterns in the world, your life or in your niche and marketplace and adapt as needed, which causes you to slide backwards.

And slowly on a downward spiral.

Before long, you’re asking the question, “what happened?”

The difference between someone with a stronger sense of leadership and someone who does not, depends on ONE thing that helps them bounce back when things are falling apart. 

It is how you get up off the ground and take action after you fall down. Because when you brush it off, you build character!

Committed action versus psychological assessment.

That’s what makes a good leader.

Don’t forget the things that develop your next level of leadership… 

…How you get up from falling down and how you stay committed no matter what comes your way. 

And any moment you find yourself blaming, complaining or feeling bad for yourself it’s time to look in the mirror, my friend. 

Maybe your partner didn’t hold your hand the way you want, didn’t say the right words or do the thing you asked them to do the right way, and you kick up a stink when really deep down you just wanted attention.

Or someone said yes to buy your program and then they disappeared and deep down you questioned if it was the best solution for them in the first place.

Or you’re frustrated your kids didn’t listen after the tenth time you asked them to clean their room and you feel unseen, unheard and disrespected.

And as you grow your business and your leadership, it is impossible to not get triggered or to not fall down along the way.

Because in order to grow, you need to go through transformational work to develop YOU. 

The truth is, you aren’t the person you need to be to get the result you want, YET. Heck, I am not the person that I need to be to get to the next level that I want! 

How do I know? Because we don’t have those results yet. 

Because if you or I were already that person now, we would have already achieved those results!

It’s confronting. It’s challenging. And It’s 100% responsibility.

There are always opportunities that are abundantly available. Usually right under your nose. 

Success is always just a thought away. A decision away.

It’s who you become leading through that transformational work that makes you invaluable. 

It’s why people hire you… and trust you.  

It’s when people know they can lean on you. 

It’s when your mission outweighs your fears and your vision.

It’s when you are greater than self-indulgence, self-reflection, wallowing about the past or stressing about the future. 

It’s being present.

It’s a journey that can’t be outsourced. 

It’s you vs you.

Every new jump in external results comes on the backend end of internal results, shifts, and breakthroughs to another level of leadership.

And so the game we play is to lead, to grow, and to become the person we are meant to be.

It’s time to show up in the best version of ourselves, don’t you think?

Are you ready to play full out? I know I am!!

Let the second of this year be about expansion.

Expansion in you. Expansion in your relationships. Expansion in your health. Expansion in your business success.

P.S. Let’s play full out and be the cause of expansion. It starts with creating a community of highly engaged, and ready-to-buy pool of clients that you can make a difference for. If you show up as the best version of yourself, so will your clients. 

I’m hosting the Engage Your Group Training Series soon and I’d love to see you there. 

Let’s do this together!

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