Is your content creating buyers? (Part 1 of 3)

When I crossed over 2,000 members in my Facebook group after just a few months, I felt like I had finally made it. Like I finally had something to show for all the effort I’d put in to build it.

But what I never did share was that as my Facebook group grew quickly to larger numbers, I noticed the level of engagement started to die down.

I didn’t really understand what was going on. I assumed that since I was pumping out wickedly awesome content people would naturally engage even more, but they didn’t.

So what did I do?

I worked harder at it.

I spent more time engaging with members. And sure things started to pick up, but then something happened…

I’d put out a post offering a new freebie. This was probably my third one in just a few weeks and I noticed something pretty eye opening.

Of the people that raised their hands asking for the free resource, three of them caught my attention.


Because they’d raised their hands on every single free thing I’d offered to that point.

These people engaged on my posts, were very active in the group but when I actually had a conversation with them, they had ZERO intention of actually investing to get my help or any “paid” help for that matter.

They were 100% freebie seekers. Trying to piece it all together on their own. Consuming every last morsel of free content promising them a quick win.

In that moment I decided enough of that!

Clearly I was missing something.

I’d assumed that my ‘how to’ content was creating engagement.

It wasn’t.

Until then I’d assumed engagement = sales.

It didn’t.

So what was I missing? I started looking for clues for the winning recipe.

Why did some groups have crazy high engagement while others fizzled out into a ghost-townsville?

Why were some smaller groups bursting at the seams with buyers while some larger groups were just filled with freebie hunters.

I was determined to find exactly what I was missing. More on that in my next post.

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