Is your content creating buyers? (Part 2 of 3)

The other day we spoke about my ah ha moment when I realized some of my Facebook group members were just freebie seekers and never had any intention of investing with me or anyone else… yet these people were highly engaged.

It hit me that engagement alone didn’t equal more sales.

So what was the secret formula?

Here’s what I found out…

First, I want to explain what had shifted from when my group was smaller.

When it was smaller, I knew everybody. 

I personally reached out to members, asking them questions, learning about them and created ultra specific content so I could best serve them.

It had worked so well in the beginning because I was deeply connected to my members, their unique stories and challenges.

I was completely dialed in. 

They felt heard and understood and I often got the comment “are you in my head?”

What I didn’t realize until later on was that it wasn’t my “how to” content that was driving engagement and sales.

It was ME.

It was my 1:1 engagement that exploded the connection with my members. It was my uniquely prescribed solutions that had them wanting more.

So when my group leaped in numbers so quickly, I lost touch with the members and relied on my posts to do the work for me.

…but at the time my posts were mostly all tips, tricks and how to’s.

While people came to the group and were amazed at how much I was giving away for free, it wasn’t eliciting engagement or conversation between members.

…and it certainly wasn’t exploding my sales as you might of thought.

My content was not turning members into buyers on it’s own.

It’s what I was doing on the side that was creating buyers.

It was my private conversations…but the kicker was that it wasn’t scalable.

Back then I was super uncomfortable making offers so I separated the value from my offers as though they were completely separate buckets.

I’d make an offer out of left field and it had my members heads spin in confusion.

I wondered how could I replicate all the behind the scenes conversations I was having in a way that was scalable so that my content would actually turn members into buyers on it’s own

…so that I could actually lead people to take then next step with me and invest in my offerings without burning myself out.

I cracked the code and I can’t wait to share this with you next. Stay tuned…

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