How your business is a reflection of your view of business.

I was leaning forward, intently focused to the red bearded man that stood pacing back and forth at the front as he scanned the room in his black high tops and black rolled up jeans.

I wanted to be chosen. I wanted to be given “the answer.”

I stepped outside of myself for a moment and chuckled that I was once again back in this space of searching.

Even after all the personal development, leadership work and business growth, there was a piece of me that wanted affirmation. Wanted to be categorized. Wanted to be special and unique, and at the same time, wanted to know where I fit in.

This man stood at the front of the room analyzing personalities and characteristics of the people in the room. One by one he floored us with just how accurate he was.

I was trying to understand how we was doing this and on the other hand skeptically looking for inconsistencies while trying to figure it all out.

…yet, there I was waiting for my own diagnosis.

Several times we locked eyes for a moment but he quickly turned away.

I waited…as I got overlooked.

Then felt bummed that I never was chosen so I chased him down after we walked off stage and bluntly asked…”what am I?”

His answer didn’t fit my current view of myself. I listened. I tried it on for size to be open minded. I sat with it. I questioned it.

Yet after a couple days of processing, I started to notice I was finding evidence to support his findings. In some way, it felt light and freeing.

Which brings me to the point of sharing this story with you.

Your business is a reflection of your view of business.

If you believe business is hard, you’ll find evidence to support that. You’ll make yourself “right” by working hard to support your belief.

If you believe business is easy, you’ll find ways to create ease and evidence to support that.

If you think it will take you 3 years to break 6 figures, you’ll likely not break 6 figures until after 3 years.

If you doubt your ability to get buyers, you’ll likely not get any buyers.

I don’t have to tell you a successful business doesn’t magically happen.

You’ve got to be committed, focused and be doing the work while taking action towards the attainment of your goal.

But first and foremost, you must believe.

Once you shift your perspective to what you want (versus what you don’t want), you get to open up to a new possibilities.

It’s human nature to want to be seen, to be acknowledged, to feel special and to fit in.

And I just wanted to share with you this morning…

I see you.

I acknowledge you.

You are unique as there is nobody else in the world that is just like you.

You do fit in. Maybe not with family or with old friends, but here, in my community.

Welcome home, my friend.

We’re already approaching May, so which new belief will you take on for size today that will open you up to a new possibility for the rest of the year?

Making what you want inevitable?

I don’t have to tell you that by taking on a new belief, something has to go.

So what has to go to open up a new possibility?

What has to be released?

What no longer serves you that you will let go of today?

It’s a fresh day. A new start. Yesterday was yesterday and today is today.

The more you become YOU, the more you get to joyfully step into your greatest self as you free yourself from limitations.

No matter how big you get or fast you grow, you’re still human.

Living a human life. Finding your way home, back to your truest self.

Did you think you were called to entrepreneurship by chance?

Nope. You were called to entrepreneurship so you could become the person you were meant to become.

And every new level of success defines a new level of you.

The question is, are you willing to let go of the old in order to make space for what you truly want?

Are you willing to trust, be vulnerable and not have all the answers?

Are you willing to be courageous in spite of fear?

Are you willing to let go of caring about what other people think and fully step into being your highest self where the ego does not live?

Because all of the things you desire are right there in front of you, seeking you. But until you let down the mask, you can’t see it.

Isn’t it time to be free?

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