In a funk from not hitting your goals? Or have you hit an upper limit?

Are you in a funk from not hitting your goals?

Or did you crush your big goals, but it was followed with a tailspin chaser and downward spiral of “oh no it’s gonna come crashing down!” because you blew your mind, and now you’re worried it’s all gonna go away?

You’re driven. Motivated. An action taker.

Yet maybe you’ve had a moment, a month or even a quarter, where you didn’t hit your goals or you’re in a state of anxious worry.

Clinging to what you want. Gripping on as tight as you can.

It feels like you’re doing all the right things on the outside.

Checking off the boxes.

Sending the emails.

Making those offers.

Working longer hours.

But your bank account isn’t reflecting your good work.

So what’s left?

What if the answer was to pause.

Take a step back.


Feel and release.

To capture the lessons, because there is something to learn here. (What have you been pretending not to see?)

Only then, are you ready to move on with a fresh mind.

If you have resistance to what I just shared…then you’re probably ready to tell me where to go!

I get it.

But here’s the thing.

You’ve got to feel the feelings, even if they are negative. The answer is not to repress, power through and pretend they are not there.

You can’t strong-arm your limiting beliefs.

They are seeking expression….release.

It’s a reflection of your “old beliefs” that are bubbling up.

Your ego mind is fighting to be heard – and to be right.

Your ego mind’s default is fear and safety. It’s irrational. And if you’re not aware of it, you’ll go through life believing it to be true.

Your ego mind searches for material things to be happy and good enough.

It’s selfish (holds on tight to money, resources, attention and acknowledgement) and loves being the victim.

But you are not your thoughts.

So here’s your chance to let go of the ego mind and all the meaning you’ve attached to not hitting your goals.

Let the feelings and thoughts come up. Be present to them.

It’s doesn’t mean you “stay” in them.

Instead by seeing, acknowledging and releasing, it allows you to open up and reconnect with God and your higher self.

To own your worth, knowing it’s not dependent on your results.

It’s only when you get quiet can you hear the stillness of your inner wisdom and knowing and reconnect with God, source, intuition, the universe or whatever it is that you believe in.

To see life through the lease of love and possibility.

Going through hard times is when you see where you need to grow.

Learn the lessons.

Build resilience, confidence and the power to crush the next challenge.

It’s through these hard times that you get to bounce back higher than before.

Pain is physical. But suffering is mental.

It’s time to end the suffering by processing the lessons and then choosing to think differently.

Choose to look through the lens of love rather than fear, lack and limitation.

Make your mission and your legacy bigger than your fears.

After every BIG win in my business, I’ve had to manage my own mind to not crash and burn afterwards.

Every. Single. Time.

I get to choose new thoughts and draw a line in the sand as my new normal.

I chose to stop the pattern of having the rug pulled out from under me every time I was going to hit that next big win.

I chose to write a new story.

Mastering being the observer of your thoughts rather than running them on autopilot is hands down the secret to massive success.

As I’ve said before, connection is the currency of 2020.

What does that mean?

Connection to your audience.

Connection to your vision.

That also means connection to your highest self.

Because your ideas matter.

Your voice matters.

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