Getting triggered by others?

I was having a conversation with someone yesterday who said they were getting triggered by other people’s results. She felt deflated that she missed the mark on her monthly goals. She was frustrated. Questioning what she was doing?

Can you relate?

I totally understood how she felt. 

Truth is I remember feeling that exact same way. Pretty much every business owner has. For me it was when I was trying to hit the magic $10k month in my business.

Every month I put together my plan. What I was going to sell. What I was going to do. And month and after month I came up short.

Feeling deflated. 

Questioning what I was doing.

Searching for a better way.

And the thing that pissed me off the most was watching other people seemingly effortlessly breaking the bank with earth shattering months, while I sat wondering what the heck was wrong with me.

There were three things I discovered.

1. PROBLEM: Me being triggered, was jealousy.

REFRAME: That jealousy was a sign of others having what I wanted. Which led me to see that it was a sign of what I secretly (or not so secretly) desired. And that it was indeed possible. Just like how when Roger Bannister ran that first 4 minute mile, he paved the way for all of his successors to crush that milestone that at one time seemed impossible.

2. PROBLEM: I was setting safe goals for myself. I set my goal then go do the work. But as as soon as it felt like it was coming together for me, I’d put on the breaks, expecting all my hard work to magically come together since my goal was realistic and achievable. But as soon as I put on the brakes, things would fall apart and I would fall short.

REFRAME: Two parts to this. 

Part one: I was setting safe goals for myself and believed I had it in the bag so I didn’t need to stretch myself, think outside of the box or do the things that scared me. I began to see that I was frustrated and angry with myself because they were taking action on the very things I knew I should be doing but wasn’t because I was scared and because I set goals that didn’t stretch me to break out of my mould. So instead I took on the motto, “Reach for the stars and if you fail you’ll still land on the moon.”

This is a double edged sword. Because if you set goals that are too far out of reach, you’ll likely miss the mark because you won’t believe it’s possible for you. You must believe to achieve.

So know how you work best. Know if you undershoot or overshoot and try the opposite.

Part two: It’s all in the follow through. Just like with golf the follow through after the swing is equally as important as the initial part of the swing leading up to hitting the ball. Could you imagine a golfer stopping his swing as soon as he made contact with the ball? 

3. PROBLEM: Shiny object syndrome. When things would fall apart and I would come up short, I would beat myself up and look for a new solution via a new program, course or free training that I expected would solve my problem.

REFRAME: Instead of throwing out the baby with the bath water I broke everything down into pieces. I looked at what parts worked and did more of them. I looked at what didn’t work and got curious how I could make those better.

For example: If I didn’t get the sales I wanted from a teleclass. I would break it down into components so I could see what was really going on so I could fix what wasn’t working. This way I could perfect my process and get the sales I wanted rather than moving on and starting something entirely new which would only lead to never perfecting anything and a bunch of half dug holes and projects that weren’t profitable.

Teleclass Breakdown:

Hot Topic people wanted (sign up rate) Yes No
Pre-seeded interest (sign up rate) Yes No
Right audience (sign up rate) Yes No
Reminders sequence (show up rate) Yes No
Training itself (stick rate, did people stay till the end?) Yes No
Initial purchase on call (offer) Yes No
Follow up sales sequence (offer) Yes No

Do you see how one segment above could lead to lower sales but if you dump the whole project, you’re missing the opportunity to massively improve your system.

Time to use getting triggered to your advantage. Get curious, adapt and perfect your model.

Want to steal my SCALE YOUR BUSINESS model and take your business to the next level?

Thought so. Stay tuned. I’m opening up a new long-term a way to work with me. Details coming soon.

P.S. Already know you want to work with me and have me in your back pocket for the next year? Jump the line and let’s chat

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