5 Keys To Getting Your First and Next​ Paying Clients (and the exact how to on making an offer)

Last weekend I got back from my retreat with clients in Palm Springs followed by a conference in Jamaica for 7-figure earning past colleagues.

It got me thinking that it’s easy to look at someone’s success today thinking that they never struggled or worked hard because today it appears everything is easy and stable for them.

But I can promise you that every single one of them went through a learning curve and at some point were struggling.

Some of these past colleagues I remember when they tried everything and nothing seemed to work. Working countless hours with little to no results. Fearing they wouldn’t make it in business. You may know that feeling when you are working so hard, committed to do whatever it takes, banging your head against the wall, like something seriously has to come together for you. Frustrated and overwhelmed is an understatement.

But comparing your beginning with someone else’s end can be upside down disruptive. It can get you carried away with strategies that are too far ahead of where you need to be and keep you searching for a new strategy that will surely do the trick.

So I want to help you real it in and focus on getting your first or next paying clients.

Maybe you have yet to get your first client.

Or maybe you’ve had several and then hit a wall wondering what happened after you were doing so well.

Either way, keep it simple, narrow in your focus and follow this…

===>>> ONE <<< ===

BELIEVE in yourself and your ability to help others.

Replace any negative beliefs with more empowering beliefs.

For example:

Nobody can afford my services —> My ideal clients can’t afford not to invest in my services.

Nobody knows who I am —> Every day I create meaningful relationships with the people I am meant to serve.

===>>> TWO <<< ===

EDUCATE yourself and upgrade your skills.

Don’t know how to build a business? Then invest in your education. Learn from someone who has done what you want to do. You’ll get those paying clients much quicker than trial and error on your own.

===>>> THREE <<< ===

Clearly defined MESSAGE.

What do you help people with? Make a list. What is your core message? Be consistent. People need to hear it multiple times before they will relate you to your message.

Even if you think people aren’t watching or paying attention – they are. So keep it up.

===>>> FOUR <<< ===

Have a PACKAGE that is designed for what your ideal client wants to buy.

Ask your ideal clients what they want.

Ask them what they would be willing to invest to solve their problem.

Ask them what would be the perfect program for them.

What do they wish they had right now?

How long will it take for you to help them achieve those results?

Now create your package around that. Blend in your unique genius and VOILA.

===>>> FIVE <<< ===

Promote your OFFER.

People can’t buy what you have to sell unless you tell them about it.


Facebook post, sales page, webinar or tele-class work really well.


–> Lead with PAIN POINTS – help them see what is going on in their life/biz.

For example:

Still struggling to get your first paying clients online?

Does it feel like you are doing all the right things but your bank account is reflecting your good work?

You know you were meant to serve others, but you struggle to get the word out about what you do.

You would be dancing from the rooftops if you could get your hands on a marketing plan that brought in consistent clients (of people you actually want to work with) but right now it feels like you have very few leads and the ones you do have are…ummm…not so perfect.

Don’t skip this step.

Remember that people need to be honest with where they are if they are going to be able to get to where they want to go.

–> Now it’s time to infuse STORY (either yours or testimonial) to paint a picture of what could be for them.

For example:

I remember the struggle when I first started online. I was afraid of being visible for everyone to see me. What would people think?

When I finally overcame that fear and started getting visible I didn’t really have a plan. And sadly I heard crickets on most of my posts.
I felt like crawling into bed and hiding under my blankets where nobody could see me.

But instead I decided to figure this out. I got help. I couldn’t believe it.

When I nailed down my messaging, packages, marketing and authentic way of selling, my people payed attention. I got seen. I got heard. I got featured. And I started signing clients with ease.
Truth is. I am not special. If I can get out of hiding, be seen and sign clients, then so can you.

–> Now it’s time for the BENEFITS.

Tell people what they get from working with you.

For example:

Here’s what you get in my 90 Days to Getting Booked and Getting Paid program:

:: Reinforcements to know that you are on the right path and stepping into your divine purpose.

:: An unwavering belief a mindset that fully supports you in having it all – the life, the business, money, freedom and ease.

:: Clarity on what is blocking you from believing in yourself and how to dissolve them away.

:: Confidence in your ability as a coach or online service provider to create an impact

:: Saying “I made it as an entrepreneur” to your friends and family

:: Establish your unique standout brand

:: Position yourself as the go-to expert in your field so you can effortlessly attract your ideal clients

:: How to get started speaking both online and offline so you can get your message out in a big way.

:: Get a daily action plan to make consistent income in your business – no more feeling financially tight

:: Set up automation and systems that brings in leads and sales, so you can spend your time doing what you do best

:: Build a list of perfect match clients who can’t wait to buy from you

:: Content strategy, so you know exactly what to put out and when

:: Step in your power as a leader with full authenticity of who you are

:: Guided support and action steps designed to keep you on track.

–> Now it’s time to explain the FEATURES of what they actually get.

For example:

Here’s how I deliver the biz building tools to get booked and get paid. It’s everything I know.

  • 12 weekly training and Q&A call recordings
  • Business Building checklists, diagrams & worksheets
  • Done-­for­-you scripts and templates that you can model and/or use in your own business

–> Now it’s time to sweeten the deal with BONUSES.

For example:

Listen, no woman is an island. So I’m also including these bonuses to help you reach your destination fully supported and in style:

~Group Coaching Session 
~Facebook Advertising Secrets and Training
~Host Your Own Challange Tookit
~It’s Time to Hit the Stage Bonus 
~Free Downloadable Recordings

–> Then you need to have a CALL TO ACTION.

For example:

To get your hands on the 90 Days To Getting Booked & Getting Paid, plus the treasure chest of bonuses, sign up here:




For example:

If you’re not sure if this is the right program for you, no problem. I want to help you be crystal clear on what is your right next step. Whether it’s this program or not.

So here’s the deal. You can book a 15minute Decision Making Call with me, you’ll tell me about you and your business and I’ll tell you whether OR not the program is the right fit for you.

You can book your time here: http://www.meetme.so/ChristinaIntro

So there you have it. A complete outline to get your first paying clients online AND how to make an offer.

Do you want a customized step-by-step strategy with full support and accountability?

Check out my 90 Days to Getting Booked and Getting Paid Program here:

P.S. You started this business to have a better life and to make money. That is possible, when you have the right things to focus on. Want my help? Contact me and tell me what’s going on and let’s get you some life-changing results!

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