She did it, so can you

Blank screen. Cursor Flashing. Silence. Now what?

I’m sitting on the plane after wrapping up a transformational event in Palm Springs and now I’m on my way to Jamaica for some much deserved down time with my husband. No kids I might add – woo hoo!

I’m staring at the blank screen. Minutes passing by. Not sure what to write about. The event flashing through my mind as I asked myself…

“What do I need to share with you today?”

I was going to talk about the breakthroughs, ah-ha moments, the multi-six figure business plans that were mapped out with ease, grace and simplicity in mind.

But instead I want to write to you about the inspirational women who joined me this past weekend.

As a business coach, I have the honour and privilege to see my clients potential and help them craft a plan to monetize it.

I also have the foresight to see where they are stuck today, where they will stumble (because everyone does stumble) and how to avoid or navigate those potential challenges to come out ahead stronger than ever.

When I pulled together this small group of ambitious action taking sassypreneurs, something pretty spectacular happened. A sisterhood developed.

Tears were had. Untold stories came out. Shared experiences and understanding brought these women together. 

They spotted the depth and magnitude of one another’s greater mission, message and purpose. 

They saw massive money making potential in each other. 

They offered support, collaboration and fresh perspective. 

As we dove in one-by-one to each business, they clearly saw the patterns that were keeping their fellow sassies stuck.

That was POWERFUL.

It’s not easy to clearly see where you’re getting stuck. What patterns you unknowingly keep repeating. 

The stop and start.

The feast and famine money cycle.

The creator falling back into the consumer.

Sometimes it shows up as…

Busy work not directly leading to a tangible outcome…

Multiple idea syndrome leading to many half dug holes…

Getting hung up on details that leave you banging your head against the wall rather than stepping away from the wall to clearly see the bigger picture…

Measuring your confidence and self-worth on external validation (likes and followers) rather than true results…

Or waiting for clarity or perfection before moving forward.

If it were easy to clearly see and breakthrough your own stumbling blocks and patterns, you’d probably never stay stuck right?

If you knew exactly what to do next to get the results you wanted, you’d confidently and unapologetically take consistent action, wouldn’t you?

But you don’t and that’s ok.

But if you have the opportunity to see in others what you can’t see in yourself, a powerful new awareness comes rushing in. 

With a fresh objective perspective. 

New inspired ideas and solutions.

And the ability to get honest with yourself.

This doesn’t come from going it alone. And it does come from being in a virtual environment.

It does however in an intimate, safe and supportive environment where you can bare all. 

Be you. 

Share your greatest fears and frustrations. 

Unveil those hidden moments of your life that made you into who you are today. 

Have other women hold that space for you as you let go of what no longer serves you. 

And begin to clearly see how you can monetize your vision and breakthrough that next income glass ceiling in the quickest easiest way possible, starting today.

These special ladies who came to Palm Springs had COURAGE. 

They had clear intentions of what they wanted to achieve. 

They knew they needed help to hit their next level business goals this year and they weren’t afraid to ask for it.

These women are true and remarkable leaders…







Immune to false beliefs.

They’re ready to be tested.

Heck they’re expecting to be tested and know it won’t set them off course.

They are keenly aware of the influencers in their life.

They choose to surround themselves with women who pull them forward and lift them up.

And now they have…

Clarity in the form of a plan.

Certainty and income stability with structure to support their growth.

The tools needed to break the bank with a flood of new clients and money…

So they can make a greater impact by reaching thousands…

Jet set the world just because the day might call for sunshine or adventure…

Celebrate with champagne dinners (because there’s nothing like pink bubbles)…

Time for their family and the things that matter most to them because that’s why they started their business in the first place – freedom of time.

This year will be the year to watch out for these inspirational women as they breakthrough new income ceilings. 


While creating certainty in their income, systems that support freedom and clarity on exactly what to do next.

So I want to take a moment and honour these women for saying “yes” to themselves. Trusting in the process, doing the work and courageously standing in a powerhouse sisterhood.

Sound like what you want to be part of? 

Click here to get on the VIP list for the next event.

And together let’s make this your best year yet!

P.S. I know you are here for a reason. Reading this far down because you’re ready to up your game. And if that’s you, I want to personally invite you to join me in sunny Palm Springs in May. 

So contact us or click here to get on the VIP list.

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