It works every time!

This woman that used to work in my office had the most sparkly white teeth. I was sure she spent thousands at the dentist to get them so white.

I asked her secret.

She said she did a round of Crest white strips every single year and without fail brushed her teeth after having coffee each morning.

That was it.

Two simple things done consistently.

You wouldn’t expect to see sparkly white teeth after just one treatment of white strips, would you? Although you may see a slight shift in colour, you expect it to take a full round to see the full benefit.

Maybe you’ve been there in your business. Trying something once or twice or a few times before throwing in the towel and moving on to something else.

Thinking that it’s not working.

Telling yourself the answer must be something else.

And ending up with a bunch of half dug holes, half finished projects with nothing much to show for all your hard work.

You wouldn’t go into starting a round of white strips expecting to see no change.

You’d do it daily until they’re used up because you expect it to work.

At the end you’d evaluate your sparkly whites and the improvement.

But sometimes you might forget where you started.

Since you saw daily improvements, it’s hard to see how much progress you actually made.

Like that woman from my office, her sparkly whites were from consistency throughout the year of brushing her teeth after coffee and repeating her strips every year for a cumulative effect.

There was no earth shattering event that happened. It was small, consistent improvements and care over time.

It saddens me to see people give up because it’s not happening fast enough for them.

That’s why having a mentor is so important.

  1. To keep you on the right track, doing the activities that will have that cumulative effect and produce results.
  2. Insight to know what isn’t going to work, so you aren’t continuing to do the activities that will never produce results.
  3. Hope, encouragement and accountability to keep you honest. Excuses bear no weight with the right mentor. You will get called out when needed.

I’d love to tell you hands down it will take x days or x months to get the results you want.

But I can’t.

It’s those small daily actions you take that pile upon each other to give you the breakthroughs and the results you want.

Stop and celebrate each little win. Every bit of progress you make, no matter how small.

What you focus on grows.

Have the courage to ask for help. There are white strip solutions for your business, that compress your timeline.

Get guidance to make sure you’re on the right track.

Then stay consistent.

Expecting with full certainty that YOU WILL GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT as long as you stick with it.

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