Queue the lights.

I was having a quick conversation with the show host before being interviewed for her podcast this week. This host is known for helping entrepreneurs create signature talks and the plan was to talk.

But before we got started, I shared with her that I sold out my first group program by selling from the stage. It was a mic drop moment for her. “Say what?! I didn’t know that!”

I then went on to share about how it all began. It started with my very first meetup group that I hosted in my living room and I only had one single person show up!

Eek! Mortified, yes. Secretly doing the happy dance because I was scared. Yep, that too.

I was going into uncharted territory. A new venture. An overnight “expert” in a new field. Sure I had loads of business experience to draw upon, but never me being the spotlight. Never me selling me.

Although that one single person was lovely, part of me wanted to run and hide and never do this again.

But, this was one of the few ways I knew how to get started.

So I hosted a second group. 6 people. Woo hoo! It was getting better. But this time I felt deflated because there were at least a dozen no shows.

I could have thrown in the towel, but I knew enough to know that relationships are the key to building a business.

One powerful connection can lead to a potential client, collaboration opportunity or an introduction to someone who can have a huge impact on your business.

Of that room of 6 women (ha ha that included me!) one person became a private client almost one year later and bought several programs from me.

Another person made an introduction that led me to speaking on a stage where I made an offer and sold out the final spots in my first group program.

That little Meetup venture generated over $8,000 in sales.

I could have been deflated and just given up. I could have closed the door and thought to myself, why even bother?

But I didn’t.

I trusted that if I took action despite the fear of rejection and failing, that it would somehow lead me towards my goal.

And it did.

Just when you think things aren’t working, trust that if you focus on building relationships and continue to take action, you will move forward. Sometimes it’s a few degrees of separation, so don’t ever discount showing up at your best.

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