Profit or Profitability?

Do you judge yourself based on profit or profitability?

When I first started my Facebook group, part of my motivation came from seeing my peers build and lead their own Facebook groups.

I admired what they had created. I wanted that that type of connection and rapport with my community. Heck, I wanted a community!

When I first started my group, I felt like I was speaking to myself. I judged the merits of my posts based on the likes and comments. I compared to others likes and comments and felt deflated by that.

I felt embarrassed about the initial lack of interaction.

Then I pulled up my big girl pants and put my head down to focus on growing the size of my group.

I added massive value and it grew and it grew and it grew (sounds like a line from a kids book).

I felt rewarded by it’s growth. Like I was winning a popularity contest (embarrassing to admit this, but it’s true).

But I was missing the mark about profitability.

Maybe you can relate? Have you been focused on outside validation to esteem yourself and your work?

Searching for comments…

Tracking your likes…

Judging your livestreams based on the number of people who join or the thumbs up and hearts you you get.

It’s normal.

We all want to be recognized. Appreciated. Heard. And Seen.

I get it. I still have moments where I catch myself judging my popularity. But I know that the quality of the relationships I have with my community and the roadmap they follow is WAY MORE IMPORTANT than the superficial popularity benchmarks.

Let’s face it. You’re running a business. You’re here to make a difference, yes. But you’re also here to make money and enjoy a profit.

I was on a call yesterday and was reminded that every piece of content you put out should have a purpose. It should fall into one of these three categories:

  1. Leads
  2. Engagement
  3. Sales

Popularity isn’t on the list 😉

If you want profit over popularity, run your business with intention.

Know what your people want and need. Give it to them and pave the way for them. Give them the roadmap and bring them from lead —> sales by engaging them and laying out the breadcrumbs for them to follow.

Get clear on your end game. Know exactly where you want to lead them before you ever start generating leads and putting out content.

Have a plan. Watch it unfold. Celebrate the profits that come as a result.

P.S. Are you still looking for help to map out and kick start your money making plan for scalable profits this year? Email me.

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