What to do when nothing seems to be working

As I was writing a Mindset Journaling Prompt this morning for one of my programs, it hit me.

I need to share this with you.

Because I often get the question, how do I turn things around when nothing seems to be working?

First let’s try to understand what’s going on…

Did you know the biggest manifesting blocker of success, clients and money is stale and negative emotions?

When you think,

“I’ll be happy when _____” 

…you’re actually keeping what you want from you.

When you think,

“If only he/she/that launch was being/doing _______, then I wouldn’t be overwhelmed, frustrated and angry and have to do it all myself.”

…you’re actually keeping what you want from you.

When you think,

“I’ll just do/start/change _______ tomorrow, because I don’t feel like it today because ____________ Example: I’m tired, I have too much to do, I don’t know how.”

…you’re keeping what you want from you.

Or when you think,

“Nobody is buying, nobody is paying attention, nobody is interested in what I have to offer.”

…you’re keeping what you want from you.

These are all signs that you are in a negative emotional state.

Here’s the kicker – we each have an emotional home.

Our “go to” emotional state that we frequent.

Our comfort zone.

Where we hang out even without even realizing it.

It’s your default operating system.

For some people their default is positive.

You’ve experienced that before…

You know those days where you wake up in the morning on top of the world and everything just falls nicely into place?

And for others, it’s negative.

Where nothing seems to work and it feels like everything is falling apart and FAST.

The funny part is…

Running a business means you live in both negative and positive emotional states. Because let’s face it, it can be a roller coaster ride of emotions, reactions and thoughts.

But the key is to make your default state high on the emotional (happy) scale so you can bring in more of what you want and shed what no longer serves you.


My absolute favourite way to do this is this?

1. Have an awareness of Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale from Allowing to Resistance. This scale of emotions is designed to help you work from feeling bad to feeling better about what ever you are experiencing.


1. Joy, knowledge, empowerment, freedom, love, appreciation

2. passion

3. enthusiasm, eagerness, happiness

4. positive expectation or belief

5. optimism

6. hopefulness

7. contentment

8. boredom

9. pessimism

10. frustration, irritation, impatience

11. overwhelm

12. disappointment

13. doubt

14. worry

15. blame

16. discouragement

17. anger

18. revenge

19. hatred, rage

20. jealousy

21. insecurity, guilt, unworthiness

22. fear, grief, depression, despair, powerlessness

2. Know that your feelings aren’t a reaction to what happened. The circumstance. But rather a reaction to the meaning or thought you gave to the circumstance.


Like Brooke Castillo has explained so well:

Circumstance leads to…

Thought which leads to…

Feeling (Emotion) which leads to…

Action or Inaction which creates a….

Result that goes back and reinforces your initial…


Based on this principle you can upgrade your thought to upgrade your emotional state.

Which will give you a different result.

I know this can be hard to do sometimes, which brings us to our final step.

3. Create and reference an Evidence List.


I live by this one. Every single day I look for evidence that I am on track for my desires and bigger vision.

This could be anything…

Like or comment on your post

Friend request from an ideal client

New sale

Discovery call booked

Love note from a client or friend

The answer to a pressing question you have pop up in your inbox or newsfeed

Surprise cheque/refund in the mail

Winning a prize

Client wins

Every single morning look for at least 3 things that are evidence for you and write them down. Pen to paper.

When you’re feeling down, go to that list and remind yourself of what you are grateful for and what IS working right now versus what is not.

I also like to keep a Digital Evidence List where I screenshot my clients’ successes and other evidence and just keeping adding to it.

When I need my own reminder to shut down my own inner critic and get myself back into high vibe, I read through and remind myself why I am doing what I am doing. Making my mission bigger than my doubts.

Check this out….


You might be thinking I don’t have any of those kind of testimonials or success stories yet.

Here’s my hack for that…

When I didn’t have very many success stories, I would screenshot the testimonials and love notes from the expert I looked up to and would change out the name to my own and pretend they were talking about me.

True story. 

When you catch yourself feeling down, use these tools to get back up again to a high vibe state and set yourself up to win.

Try it out and let me know how it goes.

Bonus Tip: Surround yourself with High Vibe Peeps


My favourite way to do this is to create your own community and gather together the people you want to serve, who lift you up, stretch you and push you to be the best version of you.

Creating your own raving fan base begins with this. Not sure how? Pick up this free resource I put together for you here.

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