What I learned from Tedx

There have been some pretty powerful Ted Talks that I’ve seen. From…

Simon Sinek on How Great Leaders Inspire Action to…

Brene Brown on Vulnerability to…

Amy Cuddy on How Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are.

This year I jumped at the chance to go with a friend, Isabelle Mercier, who spoke on the Tedx stage two years ago.

Honestly, I didn’t really know what to expect, but I invited a few friends and thought it would be fun.

Tedx talks are eighteen minutes in length or less that are meant to inspire ideas and provoke a new way of thinking about a common every day problem.

The speakers that took the stage ranged from an 11 year old girl!, (Yes, you read that right. Wow, right?) to speakers talking about intimacy, refugees, fulfillment and happiness, parenting and even medical error.

My two biggest takeaways were not at all what I expected.

Takeaway #1

We live in a bubble. We go about our day and hit the replay button over and over again, so we’re not open to see what else there is.

For example, I am over the moon passionate about business strategy, systems, mindset, personal development, psychology and persuasion. I could eat and breath this stuff all day. So…what do I do? Just that.

I read books on these topics.

I invest in programs on these topics.

I teach on these topics.

And that means I’m not actively looking to fill my mind with topics that don’t interest me. I’m sure the same goes for you. You gravitate to what interests you, right?

But this closes us off to new perspectives when we don’t actively seek to expand our thinking outside our norm.

The Tedx container was perfect for that.

One of the best speakers was the woman on intimacy. She had us “Uuummm’ing” moans like an orchestrated orchestra. She spoke about sex being different than intimacy and what non-verbal communication partners can use to heighten understanding between one another.

I laughed, I turned red with embarrassment and I even had ah-ha’s. I even went on to share with friends about a topic that would otherwise never have hit my radar.

Another speaker was a refugee from Syria. He spoke about being a med student who was arrested for wanting to share behind the scenes with the world about the uprising and beatings that were happening in Syria. He was arrested and tortured for two years.

He left us with the closing remark, “Hey you never know, don’t judge refugees so fast. You never know if that awesome soul might eventually become a Doctor and save your life one day.”

Or the little 11 year old girl speaking about using art and drawing in classrooms to teach hard to understand concepts. How brave was she?!

So my big takeaway was to open my horizon and create space for new thinking. Create space to hear other people’s life work, their stories and what matters most to them.

Takeaway #2

My second takeaway was less about the event itself and more about the connection. 

It was so refreshing to get out from behind my computer and meet up with some of my Vancouver entrepreneurial friends.

An online business is great for an introvert like me!

I can spend lots of time by myself and I don’t have to participate in water cooler chit chat or duck out from office gossip.

I can find like-minded men and women across the globe to connect with, but nothing replaces face to face connection.

This reminded me how important that is….not just while at events and travelling the world. But right here, in my own backyard.

Connections have been something I’ve been craving, so a few of us Vancouver entrepreneurial women are going to start meeting up in person at least one every couple of months.

Spa, hike, coffee, dinner, drinks…it doesn’t really matter.

If you’re in the Vancouver area be sure to comment below and let me know and I can let you know once we formalize a few details.

Have a fab weekend!

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