The less I do the more I make (the real truth)

The less I do the More I make

Full disclaimer, I am a recovering workaholic.

When I was in corporate, year after year I was the first one in the office and the last one to leave. I wanted to learn. I wanted to succeed, and I strived to always get better.

But over time this came at an expense of my own well being. My health and relationships suffered… a few extra pounds, no time to get outside, too tired to hang out with friends, fewer and fewer days to the gym and limited time for my husband.

One day it hit me. For what?

My world came crashing down. I went through a divorce, the stock market crashed, my income plummeted and my cushy bank account got slashed and I was left with just me.

My personal development journey began.

I started to realize the beliefs that I had taken on from my parents, grandparents and upbringing…

…you gotta pay your dues

…you must work hard to earn a living

…always do your best, then the results don’t matter

…money doesn’t grow on trees

Or like my grandmother (mother of 16 kids) used to say in her strong polish accent, “you no work, you no eat!”

It was ingrained in my blood to work hard. From humble beginnings I watched my family pride themselves on getting their hands dirty, working hard. As though the effort they put in was like a notch on a belt to the road of riches that would always remain just out of reach.

Fast forward to when I became a mom, everything changed. I wanted to be present as a mother. I did not want to hustle. I wanted to be a good mom. I took ownership for my own choices. My own beliefs. I realized I could write my own story.

Deciding to start my own business.

I was strict with my hours so I could be with my kids. And sometimes I felt like I had to reign in myself from my workaholic tendencies. I told myself it was the achiever mentality that just wants to go, go, go! But in reality it was because I didn’t feel worthy without all the hard work.

Part of me still believed the mentality that I had to work hard in order to be deserving of receiving praise, wealth and satisfaction.

I remember listening to an audio that said “the less I do, the more I make” and as much as I wanted that to be true, as much as I spoke those words, I felt in my body resistance to that statement. My back tensed up like a cat arching its back hissing at the neighbour cat swooping in on its territory. I knew that my work was not complete with clearing out this old conditioning.

To be honest I’ve struggled with this for as long as I can remember. When things have come easily in my business, I’ve caught myself trying to complicate things to feel deserving. I’ve self-sabotaged at times to make it feel harder so I could be deserving of praise and financial rewards.

It was like this roller coaster ride.

  • Learn something new
  • Execute and create ease and flow
  • Uh oh!, that’s too easy! STOP!
  • Self-sabotage
  • Work Hard
  • Why isn’t this working?
  • I must be missing something
  • I must do more
  • Oh here it comes
  • Nope, false alarm
  • Hold the faith
  • Keep going
  • Yeah, a win
  • OK take a breather, I’m tired
  • Uh oh, things have slowed down, gotta get to work again
  • Repeat

After several cycles of this, I realized I was in a loop. Repeating the same thing over and over again, and I knew there was a better way.

And there was.

It came with FOCUS.

And focus can be hard when you don’t clear out all the mental clutter and beliefs. You’ve got to upgrade your operating system and that comes from working on YOU.

And this is what I discovered…

When you have a proven system, you can get rid of your squirrel mind and maintain your FOCUS.

When you are part of a high vibe community, you will be held accountable to your vision, to your actions, and you’ll be challenged to stretch your beliefs to ones that actually support that vision.

When you have a mentor that sees your potential, believes in you and shows you a better way, you are destined to grow FAST.

What blocks most people from getting what they want?

It’s lack of accountability, not just for taking action, but being held to the highest standard of reaching your potential and stepping into your vision, because, let me tell you, some days it feels much easier to just give up and settle for a life that is just ok rather than a life that is brilliantly joyfully blessed.

What else blocks people from getting what they want?

Fear of rejection, fear of success, and fear of all the things that might happen (but rarely ever do I might add).

And it’s a squirrel mind that has A.D.D. and leaps from idea to idea and thing to thing.

And lastly, it’s the belief that it’s supposed to take years.

Enough of that.

That statement “The less I do, the more I make” has been my mantra for the better part of a year now, and whoah, let me tell you how true it is!

But if you are not surrounded by those who buy into this belief, you’ll find yourself back to square one.

Workaholic status.

Always trying to prove something.

I can tell you that I have written a single Facebook post that has generated $50k in sales.

I’ve had one single funnel that has brought in multi 6-figures of income on auto pilot.

I’ve relaunched the same program and 10x my results with just a few minor tweaks.

And now I can look at this as my evidence and know that the less I do, the more I can make.

Tell me more about you?

How would you like to have a strong business foundation coupled with a community of high vibe go getters who lead with generosity and a mentor that clearly lays out your highest impact activities and stretches you to reach your vision, holding you accountable every step of the way?

If that’s you, click here and let’s chat.

P.S. When you sink your teeth into a project, are you like me and jump in with both feet?

If you have the tendency to be a workaholic, but are ready to simplify, narrow your focus, and create more freedom and abundance in your life, then I want you to know it is possible.

It doesn’t mean it’s gonna be easy. Simple doesn’t mean easy, but it does mean that you don’t need to overcomplicate things and overwork yourself into oblivion. There is a better way.

Not sure how? Book a call with me and let’s chat.

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