How to fully Commit to your Vision!

Last week my husband and I spent a few days doing part one of a deep dive leadership training in sunny San Diego.

This training was on my radar for the better part of a year, but I just didn’t feel like I could pull off leaving my kids and travelling 5 times in 3 months to San Diego on top of my already existing travel commitments between the 2 mastermind groups that I am in. Not to mention enrolling my husband to join me.

When I first made the investment back in March I booked two spots for my husband and myself on Thursday and went to work to book flights and arrangements for us to leave the following Monday.

It didn’t work out, and I had to postpone.

Fast forward five months later, and we still hadn’t started the program.

Every new announcement of dates had conflicts with our schedules and it was becoming clear that there was never going to be the right time.

Behind the scenes…

I felt guilty for the idea of leaving my kids for so many days and so many times.

My husband wasn’t thrilled about the idea of going, and I felt frustrated.

I was trying to justify if it was worth the big expense of travelling to San Diego 5 times in just 3 months on top of my other mastermind trips.

Truth was, I wasn’t making it a priority. At all.

I was letting excuses talk me out of what I knew I wanted and kept postponing it even longer.

I took an honest look at what was going on. In that moment I decided it was time, and I would just have to figure out the rest.

Guess what happened?

My husband got on board.

My mom was able change her schedule to look after the kids.

The perfect flight times were available and hotels got booked.

Off we went last week, finally!

There is so much power in making decisions in alignment with your vision and desires and making it non-negotiable.

You’re either committed or you’re not.

Where in your life are you not fully committed to your vision, desires or next steps?

Be honest.

A few days ago I was speaking with a client in one of my programs. She said she was “trying really hard to….”

I could see it.

I knew she was “trying.” In fact, I could see she was hustling.

She’s a single mom so I asked her…

What if you thought “I will try to support my kids. I will try to put dinner on the table” how different is that energy than “It’s up to me. I support my kids.”

Her response, “Yikes! I can’t talk like that about supporting my children. It’s a non-negotiable”

And because it is a non-negotiable, it happens.

What a powerful reframe.

Back to my earlier question.

Where in your life are you not fully committed to your vision, desires or next steps?

Just like I shared earlier, I caught myself in the same energy of mulling over all the reasons and excuses that kept me from getting to that training.

When I finally just MADE THE DECISION. It came together, piece by piece.

Give yourself the gift of decision and commitment.

THAT’s where the magic happens.

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