How to stop feeling stuck and start seeing real growth in your business

My husband came home with flowers to celebrate my win – I had five discovery calls in one day that all said “yes.” I remember thinking to myself, “what just happened?”

I was so excited. I did a little happy dance around the house. I wanted to shout from the rooftops. But I settled for calling my mom and my best friend.

You would think that from there my business took off to record breaking highs. But the truth was, it didn’t. I hit resistance instead.  After that, I was suddenly knocked out of my normal “plugging away” pattern.

I took a break and lost momentum. After realizing I had stalled out, I committed back to my business and built up momentum again. I could have sworn someone was dangling the carrot of opportunity right in front of my nose. But every time I got close, something would happen and I just couldn’t seem to catch it.

It wasn’t until I realized that I was re-creating this pattern and falling prey to my own resistance. I finally learned to shift out of my old thoughts, patterns and habits that no longer served me. Then I was finally free to grow, stop feeling stuck, and gain consistent traction in my business.

Can you relate?

Here are some examples of how resistance shows up:

  • procrastination
  • stuck in planning and strategy (dreaming not doing)
  • falling off course
  • giving into failure
  • feeling negative or bummed out (trying to control the when and the how)
  • distraction
  • avoidance
  • inconsistent results
  • cycles of boom and bust
  • not doing what you say you’re gonna do
  • writers block when you sit down to create content (posts, blogs, newsletter)
  • not inspired by your goals (too big or too small)

What I know is this: Even if you are unhappy with where you are now and you want a different life, you still feel comfortable with where you are now. You’re used to your situation.

You already know how to manage yourself and your circumstance. You may not like it, it may not get you fired up, but you know it well. You’ve fallen into being comfortable.

It’s much scarier stepping out of your comfort zone into the unknown. You can get swept into thoughts of what could be – failure, success or growth and the consequence they entail. 

So how do you break free of old patters of resistance? 

I can tell you, it’s not by willpower alone. It’s the creation of new habits. 

My 5 Keys to Stop Being Stuck, and Start Seeing the Changes You Want

STEP ONE: Take notice and shine a light of awareness of when resistance shows up.

Fill in the blank….

I feel stress, overwhelm, and disappointment and tend to stop when______________________________________.


STEP TWO: Put together a plan

Fill in the blank….

When resistance hits (as per above) I am making the intention that I can do______________ instead.

Examples of steps you can take could be to listen or write out affirmations, go for a walk, take your next step, build in inevitability, by promise your next step publicly, such as a call, periscope or open the loop of a conversation.


STEP THREE:  Believe that I can and will have ________________ (goal or desired outcome)


STEP FOUR: Create new empowering habits

I know I will be tested to make sure that I am committed. Knowing this I will do the following daily:

:: Write down at least 5 things that are working in my favour, no matter how small.

:: I will be grateful for EVERYTHING in my life.

:: I will get curious when things don’t go as planned and see how I can adapt.

:: I will ask for help when I need it.

I tried to figure it all out on my own by piecing together programs. But I ended up watching other pass me by and wondered what I was missing.

When I finally asked for help, and looked for a mentor who had been through exactly what I was feeling, and found the answer to feeling stuck, then it all came together.



Create a habit out of this, and remember to do this every time you notice that your business or side-hustle is losing momentum.


Have fun with this and blast away your resistance! Remember, that things aren’t just going to happen to you, you have to create the changes you want in your life, and take action.

It’s normal that to feel stuck once in a while. The difference is that some people focus on what is going wrong, rather than focusing on what they can be doing to break through and move forward.

If you’re ready to take action in your own business, download my free marketing plan (or other opt-in), that will show you exactly what to steps to take to attract the perfect clients right into your email list.


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